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Made by Mitchell 16 Piece Makeup Brush Set Review

Hi lovelies,

So Made by Mitchell had a sale over on Tiktok and naturally I had to make a purchase. I basically picked this set up because I spotted 2 or 3 brushes that I want in my kit.

The Made by Mitchell 16 piece makeup brush set is available to purchase from the company website (see here) as well as from their Tiktok shop (here)*. Some of the brushes are also available to purchase individually from the company website, Tiktok and Beauty Bay. The 16 piece set retails for £170 at full price though they are on sale for £40 currently. The brushes retail for £10 individually. Naturally I got mine through Tiktok because you save on shipping and the order landed at my door within 2 days.

As with all Made by Mitchell orders, the package arrived in a neon green postal bag embossed with the company logo and inside is a shipping box designed for the 16 piece box set. Inside the box, the brushes come in a padded black pouch also baring the company logo. Each of the brushes are individually wrapped in a plastic sleeve with a net protector over the bristles. Everything feels high quality and well made.

Unfortunately, there’s not much of a product description online-just a list of the brushes and that they’re cruelty free. I assume that the bristles are synthetic due to the price. The list doesn’t give you the numbers of the brushes but they are listed in numerical order e.g. the eye definer is ME1. The set contains 4 face brushes and 12 eye brushes of varying shapes, sizes and denseness.

As mentioned above, the set comes in a black pouch which is the perfect size for a full set of brushes. As it’s padded, it offers a decent amount of protection for popping into your bag. One thing I did notice was a really strong scent of adhesive when I first opened the bag but that’s disappeared with an airing. The brushes themselves are the standard brand colour for Made by Mitchell which is the neon green. The handles have a soft touch, matte finish which makes them really comfortable to hold and use as they don’t slide around in your grip. The bristles are really soft and make blending an absolute dream. They also hold product really well which makes application pretty easy as well.

I’m actually in love with the brushes in the set but I’m definitely loving some more than others. In particular the smaller eye brushes. I’ve been looking for brushes this size for a while but it’s hard to spot them online. The ME2 and ME10 are literally perfect for precision blending eyeshadow and the ME7 is the perfect for inner corner liner. I also love the MF1 which is the stippler and absolutely perfect for applying liquid blush. The only brush that I have a bit of a problem with is the MF3 Cheeky Chops. There’s nothing wrong with the brush but I prefer a large round headed one for brush application. It’s completely personal but I find this to be the wrong shape and size for me. I’ll probably use it more for body glow and highlighter.

Overall, I am so happy with the 16 piece brush set from Made by Mitchell. Honestly, I got these in the sale but I would happily have paid full price for this set or bought the brushes individually. The brushes are great. There’s a great selection of shapes and sizes to accomplish any makeup look. They make application and blending easy. They’ve got very soft bristles and the finish on the handles makes them comfortable to use.

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Rach xx

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