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Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder Review

Hi lovelies,

I finally did it. I caved and bought the Laura Mercier setting powder. This powder has been hugely hyped over the last couple of years but I’ve never wanted to spend so much on powder.

The Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder is available to purchase from the company website (see here) as well as from Look Fantastic (here), Boots (here), Cult Beauty (here) and John Lewis (here). Full price it retails for £36.50 for 29g of product. Travel sizes are available cheaper though not as good value for money. You qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £25 from Laura Mercier, LF, Boots and Cult Beauty and on orders over £50 from John Lewis.

The packaging is pretty gorgeous but honestly it’s not spectacular. The powder comes in an black outer box containing all product information including the ingredients can be found around the sides. The powder pot has a tight fitting screw cap and has a plastic shifter for controlling the release of powder. I do wish there was a sliding cover over the shifter though to keep the powder in the pot. Everything looks and feels very sleek. Gutted that it doesn’t include a powder puff for the price.

According to the online product description, the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder is a finely milled powder that boasts a soft focus finish with zero flashback. A truly translucent powder that sets but maintains the foundation shade. It has a 16 hour, transfer resistant formula that controls oil and shine throughout the day and works for all skin tones. It is lightweight and breathable on the skin while leaving it looking soft and smooth. It also contains anti-oxidants for a more even skin tone and botanical blurring powder for oil control. Application technique states to saturate your powder puff with powder working it into the puff before removing the excess and rolling it onto the skin.

The powder is available in three shades making it suitable for all skin tones but as of yet I’ve only tried the translucent for lighter skin tones. At that price, I wasn’t prepared to take the risk and getting all three for my kit.

In comparison to my previous powders, this certainly is the most translucent offering practically no colour change to the product underneath. Due to this, it looks brighter but with less “coverage” than my other ones but I’m pretty sure this is just an illusion with the colour change as few setting powders give actual coverage. It sets your base for hours without it transferring or settling into any fine lines and blurs pore texture leaving you with a soft, matte finish to the skin. Naturally it doesn’t hide all texture but it doesn’t highlight it. It feels lightweight and breathable to wear while managing to control shine throughout the day. It sits well under other powder products helping them blend into the skin easily.

Laura Mercier vs Beauty Bakerie
Laura Mercier vs Beauty Bakerie

However saying all that, do I think it’s better than my other powders…I’m not so sure. One is for drag so it REALLY sets your base in place while giving you that smooth finish. My other powder does the same as this one does. They also have a more inclusive shade range and cost £10 less. Is it an amazing powder? Yes. Does it justify it’s pricetag? I’m not sure it does.

Overall, I am really happy with the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder even if I’m not 100% convinced about the price. It does everything that the product description promises…it sets, it blurs, it mattifies, it’s lightweight, it’s long lasting and it controls shine all day. Can I sit here and say it’s honestly worth its £36 price…..ermmmmmm. Not really. Sorry.

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Rach xx

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