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Hail and Fails of 2022

Hi lovelies, It's that time again. Our final post of 2022 with our customary Hails and Fails of the Year post. Sorry about posting a little off schedule this week but the holidays have made it a little awkward. But first...let's get a little sappy. It's been a bit of a crazy year and I… Continue reading Hail and Fails of 2022

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Boots The Beauty Showstopper Box Review

Hi lovelies, Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully it's off to a good start for you. So, I don't have a beauty advent calendar for y'all this year but I did get the Boots Best of Beauty box for my birthday. The Beauty Showstopper Box from Boots is a hugely popular item that returns each November… Continue reading Boots The Beauty Showstopper Box Review

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2021 Roundup The Hails and Fails of the Year

Hi lovelies, It's our final post of the yer and what a bloody year it's been. Ending on tradition with the yearly round-up of our Hails and Fails of 2021...boy we've got through a lot of makeup this year. Welcome to the RachNevsBeauty Hails and Fails of the year: a selection of products that have… Continue reading 2021 Roundup The Hails and Fails of the Year

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Creotime Standard Silk Clay 6 Pack Review

Hi lovelies, Crafting posts are like buses on this blog. You wait all year then 2 come at once. Welcome to the Halloween. I've been after some air dry clay for a while now as it so useful for special effects makeup. This may not be the best value for money but it was what… Continue reading Creotime Standard Silk Clay 6 Pack Review

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Special Effects Makeup: Making Horns

Hi lovelies, I've been prepping for Halloween, what a surprise! The last time I discussed creating horns, I was making small ones for the forehead using latex (see here). This time I wanted to make some big ass curled demon horns which requires a different approach. You can mould and cast your horns as well… Continue reading Special Effects Makeup: Making Horns