House of Sparklez UK Glitter Review

Hi Lovelies,

So I’ve been looking around the beauty blogging community and decided that I was going to start looking into more affordable products for us all to enjoy. Now I know we all love a bit of glitter and I have a company I love (see very first post) but I’ve been shopping around and found House of Sparklez UK ( which is a little more affordable.

UPDATE NOTE: I have been approached by this company to be a promoter of their brand (exciting times I know🙌) but I PROMISE you this review is my honest opinion and I WILL NOT promote something I don’t like or wouldn’t use. I have bought these products with my own money in order to test and review them for you before spreading the word (Discount Code at the end).

House of Sparklez UK sell a range of cosmetic glitters as well as false eyelashes which look amazing (but I haven’t purchased yet so not reviewing). The glitter is sold loose in pots and can be purchased fine, chunky or ‘festival’ depending on your needs. I have purchased the fine glitter and the festival at the moment so again I will only be reviewing those.

All products by House of Sparklez UK are cruelty free and vegan and the glitters are also 100% cosmetic grade, biodegradable and hypoallergenic. So far I’m loving the ethos of the company as some glitters are not hypoallergenic or biodegradable.

The loose glitter pots are sold alone and are £2.50 per pot containing 3g of glitter. House of Sparklez UK recommend using this product with their Glitter Fix glue (£3.99 for 3g). Unfortunately they had sold out of it when I placed by order to I used a different glitter glue from another brand (sorry guys I will add to this when I order the Glitter Fix). I paid £2.50 delivery but I don’t know if this goes up with the amount of products you buy. The items were delivered in 2 working days and they processed my order quickly too.

I bought 5 different shades of the fine loose glitter originally; Asteroid, Bubblegum, Fire Opal, Berry and Fuchsia. I’m really impressed with the quality of the glitter, it is very fine, has a high shine and are so vibrant in colour. Each colour is distinctive even amongst similar shades such as Berry and Fuchsia and I love that so many shades are available.

In fact I was so impressed I went and bought two more shades: amber and fantasy. I think I may have got a problem batch with my amber as there was a lot of glitter dust at the bottom. Still enough glitter though for the price.

The pots are only small but for the price I have no complaints as you will get a good number of applications out of each pot. I didn’t have to use much to get good coverage which is also great.

UPDATE: House of Sparklez UK have just announced that they will be selling their glitters in large pots for £5. Well worth the price as you get more than double the amount of glitter in the large pot 😍😍. I don’t know when this will be happening but I’ll keep you informed.

I found that the glitter mixed well with my glitter glue and was easy to apply because of this. I also tried applying the glitter and glue separately and although a little trickier the glitter was still pretty easy to apply and I had minimum fallout from my applicator.

To apply I use a fine detail face painting brush to ensure that I keep the glitter out of my eyes. It’s also a great tool for adding detail to your cut crease whether you’re using glitter or not.

I did have to pack on a little more glitter in areas of creasing around my eyes as the glitter did move. However this might not happen if you use the glitter fix so I will update you on this as soon as I have tested it. I also noticed more creasing under the eyes rather then on my crease.

The glitter was really easy to remove thankfully. Again I will say that I didn’t use House of Sparklez UK Glitter Fix so I can’t comment on this product on my skin. I can say though, that the glitter can feel a little rough when wiping it off the skin so be careful when removing this especially around your eyes. Try not to use much pressure as this could cause your skin to become sore.

Update: Since writing this I have purchased the glitter fix and also used it. It has a slight alcohol smell that does disappear when it has dried. It is easy to apply as its quite thick and very smooth. I didn’t have any issues wearing this around my eyes and the glitter stayed on for many hours without moving. It was also easy to remove. There was still a small amount of movement on the creases but not as much as before.

I also recently purchased all of their Festival Glitters (nice deal of £10 for all of them). They are £3.99 each at full price and again you get 3g of glitter. The size of glitter does vary with colours coming in XL and XXL. On the website, the company states that the XL glitters are 1mm and the XXL are 3mm.

The quality of the festival glitters is equally as good as the fine glitter. The colours are amazing as is the shine. I do wish the festival glitters were sold in larger pots just because they’re so amazing and I could use them in one go.

Overall I am so happy with my glitters from House of Sparklez UK. The quality of the product is great and hasn’t caused my any issues. I think the price is great especially if you are not sure about using cosmetic glitter as well as it being hypoallergenic. Below are some images showing the products in action and a video to show the shine.

Thanks for sticking with me. If you want to order anything from House of Sparklez UK ( use my code rachnevs for 15% off your entire order. I hope you enjoyed this review and that you’ll join me for more in the future.

Rach xx

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