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Glossy Box August Subscription

Hi Lovelies,

I’ve finally decided to get a beauty box subscription what with my giveaway coming up on IG (hint hint-head over there). After searching out a couple of reviews, two stuck out as been pretty decent for the prices and naturally I ordered them both. A review of the other box will be posted upon its arrival.

As this was my first subscription with GlossyBox I was given 15% off this first order which cheered me up. The usual price is £13 with P&P so even without discount it’s really good value for money. I was informed when my order had been received, processed and sent out for delivery and this is comforting for a subscription service. If you are interested in subscribing to Glossy Box use my refer a friend code by clicking here. There’s no extra cost for you but we might get some goodies and savings.

The August box is the Pride Edition and comes in a rainbow designed box. This box contains 6 full size products including some new brands for me and some well known ones. The box contains I’ve managed to play with most of the products apart from the mask.

The first of my products are from the Rimmel Ink Me collection. I received the Ink Me Stamp Tattoo in 001 heart as well as the stick on tattoos. Love the stamp, it is easy to use, you get a uniform stamp without too much pressure and the colour is jet black. The tip is also small enough to add the stamp around the eyes. My only problem with this is that the heart motif could be a little thicker to avoid getting a ring around the stamp if you press too hard.

The stick on tattoos are the same as when we were kids. Simple pop them into position, design side down and press a damp cloth to the back. The tattoos do last for several days so be careful where you stick them. The designs are so pretty to wear and they can be worn all over the body. The colour is amazing but it’s not great when they are starting to come off. Almost like you’ve got gold glitter everywhere.

The next product in my box was the Trifle Cosmetics Lip and Cheek jam in black cherry. I really love this product. It adds a beautiful pink tint to your lips and cheeks although I prefer using it on my cheeks. I really struggle with finding the perfect blush shade for me and this is exactly what I have been looking for. Pat it onto your foundation and your base stays solid and for a liquid product that makes me so happy.

Unfortunately the next product in my box is one that I don’t think I’ll be using again after testing it out. The Kaleido Cosmetics Astrolight highlighter is just too dark for me. When I applied it, it honestly just looked like I’d put my bronzer too high. I’m so disappointed because the formula itself is fricking amazing. It is a liquid highlighter but it doesn’t smudge your base and has an amazing shine. I’m pretty certain this shade will be so gorgeous on those with a darker complexion but on me it looks daft.

My penultimate product is the 3INA The Shadow Paint in the shade 703 blue. Hate to say this but I really disliked this product. The shade is a murky blue, the texture is really thick and you can’t blend this out. Dries like a paint so the skin feels really tight. It worked better on the lips than the eyes but even so I won’t be wearing this product.

The last of my products is the PINK Selfie Skin Nourishing Sheet Mask by Victoria’s Secret. Like I said above, I’ve not used this yet as I don’t often use face masks. I will post an update about it when I have used it but I’m super happy that this box came with some skincare.

That’s all for now lovelies. I really hope you have enjoyed this post and that you will join me again for more in the future

Rach xx

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