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EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set

Hi lovelies,

Something a little different today although still make up related. The eye enhancing duo brush set from EcoTools have become my main brushes for doing my eye shadow. I’ve only seen this set at Boots (see here) and costs £6.99. You can also order direct from the EcoTools website (see here) for £5.04 but additional charges such as delivery and import may occur. Still, not impressed with Boots and their pricing.

EcoTools offer a range of cruelty free products that are also suitable for vegans. Living up to their name, everything about the products are made from recycled or renewable sources which I think is brilliant.

The packaging on the brushes is really simple and minimalist. It’s also reusable storage for this set as you cannot store them in a brush stand (next paragraph). The brushes are held in place securely and they are easy to get in and out of the box. The packaging also contain some basic instructions on how to use the brushes if you’re a complete beginner (which I was when I purchased these).

The Enhancing Eye set contains 2 double ended brushes which means 4 brush heads (see what I mean about storage). Each brush is labelled so you can find the right one at the right time and I love this little detail for beginners. You get a shade brush, a blending brush, a defining brush and a smudging brush.

For me, the brushes are nice and soft with no loss of bristles upon application like many cheaper brushes. With some eyeshadows I can struggle to blend them out but I have a feeling this is more an eye shadow issue than a brush issue. I find the smudging brush is amazing for the under eye as well as for adding definition to the outer corners. I mostly use the detail brush for adding shade to my upper and lower lash line.

All the brushes hold shadows pretty well but they can cause a bit of kick back into the pans especially the shade and smudging brushes. Depending on the shadows used, this kick back does change and it happens more with cheaper shadows.

The handles are made of bamboo and recycled aluminium and I’ve had no problems with them. Although shorter than most single headed brushes, I do like the length and they feel really nice when they’re sat in my hand. I’ve had these over a year now and they are still solid despite multiple washes.

For a beginner this is a great introduction to the types of brushes you may need for doing eye makeup. It gave me a good indication for the sizes of brushes that are most suitable for me when doing more complex eye makeup. Other brushes will be needed as you progress, more specifically smaller blending brushes.

Overall I am so happy with these brushes for the price. The company has a great ecological initiative and the products are decently priced. They work really for me as a beginner to makeup but I also haven’t tried more expensive brushes to see the difference. As a beginner just experimenting and playing, I would recommend these brushes to anyone wishing to have a play around.

Thanks for reading. There are no pictures below this time but feel free to check out my other posts for images. All eye looks so far have been done using these brushes. I really hope you enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future.

Rach xx

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