P.Louise Base Review

Hi Lovelies,

I’m back with a UK product from a Manchester based makeup academy. If you are following @mmmMitchell on IG, NikkieTutorials on YT or have seen Jeffree Star’s video feat mitchell (see here) then you will be aware of this eye-shadow base. The P.Louise Base has been popping up all over the internet and so I thought I’d give it a try.

The P.Louise Base can only be bought on the P.Louise Makeup Academy website (see here) and is available in 7 different shades. Each shade is £10 for 15ml of product and delivery to the UK was about £3. My order was delivered within a couple of days and I was kept informed about its progress.

I ordered the Base in Shade 1 which is a little pale for me but that’s what I prefer. It’s not the palest shade by any means as you can purchase a white base. When you’ve received your order, you get a password that unlocks the video on how to use this product correctly. There are also plenty of amazing tips for getting your eye-shadow perfect on this video.

Basically, we are instructed to carve out the brow before painting this onto the eye, blending out the edges as you go. To set this product, you tap it gently with the brush, yes TAP it, no powder is needed and that’s the USP with this product. The video recommends to use a high quality soft concealer brush to apply and set this base.

Naturally, I didn’t have a high quality concealer brush so I just used what cheapo brush I had lying around. I didn’t get the best results with my cheap brush so I went and bought the one used in the video and that was a Zoeva 144 soft concealer brush. I followed the same method of application and I found it worked so much better and the brush wasn’t too expensive to be honest. I also tried setting this with a beauty sponge and that works so well. The first image below is tapped with a brush, the second with my beauty sponge.

I’ve found you need to use the right amount with this, too little and you won’t get the perfect base, too much and it won’t set. I did struggle to get the perfect base when I first started using this and I think that’s just because of my hooded eyes. When you tap to set it, the Base ends up a little tacky so if you open your eyes before adding eye-shadow it does settle into the crease of your eye.

For me personally, I need to prep one eye with the base and add the base colour to my crease and blending out before prepping my other eye. If I don’t then my eye makeup does crease pretty bad especially on the inner corner. Following this method my eye-shadow stays on all day without creasing, As you don’t need to set this with powder, your eyes don’t look chalky underneath the eye-shadow.

I have noticed a huge difference in the pigmentation of all of my eye-shadows when comparing this base with other primers and without. This base really does get the best pigment out of my eye-shadows, I even tried my cheaper shadows with this base and the colours really popped. You will need to spend more time blending out your eye-shadows with this base however it does stop your transitions looking “muddy” as it holds the pigment so well.

Using this base has been a massive learning curve for me as I’ve had to alter my application techniques to get the best out of this product. Not a bad thing as these techniques are really helping me progress when it comes to doing amazing but simple eye looks. Practice is needed to get the most out of this base but it is worth the effort.

The base is fairly easy to remove with cleanser and also stops the majority of shadows from staining your eyes which is great. I had no irritations to my eyes or skin when using this base even when removing the product.

Overall I am happy with this product. I wasn’t at first but with a few techniques tweeks I’m getting the feel for this base and I’m starting to love it. It hold pigment really well, allows you to blend and helps to stop transitions looking muddy. What’s not to love? Watching the tutorial on this product helped with using this correctly.

Thank you for reading. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Don’t forget to check out the P.Louise Instagram page for some amazing inspiration and product uses (see here). Below are some looks produced using this base underneath.


In the last 2 images, I only used the base on my lid and crease. I didn’t carve out my brow with it but I think this looks lovely.

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