P.Louise Base Secret Sinner Collection Review

Hi lovelies,

I know that I have previously reviewed the P.Louise Base for you (see here) all but as part of their Secret Sinner collection the makeup academy has released a base and brush duo that I naturally had to have. I previously ordered and reviewed this base in Rumour 1 which was slightly to pale for me. This time, I ordered Rumour 2 to see if this matched my skin tone better for more natural looks. This will only be a short one today since I’ve already written about this.

I think I pre-ordered this in early October for dispatch upon launch its in November. I received the dispatch email from the P.Louise Makeup Academy Team on the 20th of November and it arrived within 2 days. It arrived in a lovely black padded envelope with the company sticker in gold on the front.

The Base and Brush duo retails for £19 (see here) and I find this to be a decent price for what you are getting. The original Base retails for £10 and I did end up spending an additional £9 on the recommended Zoeva brush so the price of this works out. Now if you already have a decent collection of brushes this duo might not be worth it to you however I always need extra good quality brushes. Shipping was £4.99 which is not unusual in the UK as I did have to sign for the item.

The duo comes in a box unlike the base on its own which just comes in the envelope. The outer packaging is nice and simple with the company name in the expected elegant script that P.Louise is known for. The base and brush are secured in the box by a plastic holder. The tube and brush handle have the same design as he outer box.

The brush is very similar to the 144/Soft Concealer brush by Zoeva which doesn’t surprise me as this was the brush recommended to us when the base was first launched and in the application video. The brush head is smaller than the Zoeva making it easier to carve out your brow as well as getting into eye creases better. The bristles of the P.Louise brush are very soft but densly packed so it is slightly stiff allowing for clean lines to be made. I am loving the brush with this base, it’s now a part of my makeup routine (sorry Zoeva).

Like I mentioned above, this time I ordered the base in Rumour 2. It performs exactly the same as Rumour 1 but this one is much closer to my skin tone. I am pretty sure the formula is still the same between the original base and the Limited Edition Secret Sinner Collection. It feels the same, behaves in the same way and still works the same. The pigments in my eye-shadows have been slightly darker with Rumour 2 but they have still been really bright. The two images here show the two side by side. The first image shows Rumour 2 compared with my natural lid. In the second I am wearing Rumour 1 on the opposite lid.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase from the P.Louise Makeup Academy. They have finally produced a brush to compliment the base and it certainly does that. The duo is reasonably priced when you look at other investment options. Brushes of this type, are retailed at a similar price although they are often larger and harder to use with this base. Nothing new to say on the base itself other than pigments in shadows are not as bright with the darker shade when compared with Rumour 1. However, pigments are still brighter with this base than any other.

Thanks for reading. I hope that you have enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Below is an image showing a comparison of shadow pigmentation for each shade.

Rach xx

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