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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Deluxe Mystery Box Review

Hi lovelies,

First I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Even if you don’t celebrate, enjoy the holiday. This will probably be my last post of the year cause I plan on enjoying the holidays.

So a week before Black Friday, Jeffree Star Cosmetics uploaded a post to Instagram showing what deals to expect during this sale. In this post, we got a first glimpse at the Mystery Boxes that would be available during that weekend. We continued to get teasers regarding these boxes all that week over IG and so I had to get one because they sounded fabulous and contained so many savings.

The mystery boxes were available in 3 sizes; premium, deluxe and ultimate, only on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website. I would place a link here but naturally all boxes sold out within half an hour of launching I believe. I’m so glad I stayed up until 4am to get my hands on one. Anyhoo, the cheapest box was the premium at $30 containing 6 items with $80 worth of savings. The deluxe box cost $80 but this one contained 10 items with $120 worth of savings. The ultimate box was the most expensize at a whopping $175 containing 13 items with $180 worth of savings.

Personally, I think these are pretty good value although since other bloggers have started their unboxings, people have been frustrated at the items in their boxes. For me, that’s kind of the risk you are taking when purchasing mystery boxes and as long as the value outweighs the payment, what can you complain about. I also spotted some boxes that contained lipsticks from the new holiday collection.

I was originally going to get 2 premium boxes but I ended up buying a Deluxe box due to JSC saying that boxes of the same value may contain the same items. I understand why this happens and don’t have a problem with this because at least we were warned. Having no idea what this box contained upon ordering, I assumed I would be getting some apparal as I had to give my clothing size. Plus, I also qualified for a free liquid lipstick that came with every clothing order. It has been mentioned that this may have been a glitch but I’m not too sure about that.

I was impressed with the shipping charges to the UK as well so thmbs up to JSC for that one. Shipping was $10, I literally danced around the room. If you’ve been here before you’ll know that shipping from the US to the UK can be ridiculous. I once spent $35 on a product for it to cost $15 in shipping. So yeah, I was very happy with $10 especially considering that the lipstick and mystery box arrived separately. Not going to lie, it’s been a long and impatient wait for this box to land at my door. My order was placed on the 23rd of November and I received an email on the 1st of December to say that my order had started to be processed. The lipstick arrived on the 7th but the mystery box didn’t land until the 19th. Thankfully I had tracking numbers for both so I knew that the lipstick had been sent a week before the mystery box. I am assuming this was due to the number of mystery boxes that were sold. I mean they had a warehouse full of them and they sold out. As annoying as I found this, it can be forgiven knowing how many orders have been placed with JSC over this period. It also took a little longer due to customs and import charges that I had to pay. Due to the value of the lipstick (it was a freebie) I didn’t have to pay import so it came straight through. The mystery box, however, had charges of £23 so it took a few days to notify me, pay it and then get it delivered.

The package arrived in the pink box with the JSC logo all over it along with question marks. I love it when companies put a little extra into packaging, tells you how much they care about your custom. I’m slightly disappointed that there wasn’t much padding within the box. Just some pieces of tissue. I understand the need to cut down on unnecessary packing but loose items can be damaged so easily. Thankfully all my items arrived undamaged and intact.

As promised, there were 10 items in my mystery box including the exclusive item which turned out to be a JSC pop-socket. I don’t mind this as they aren’t available to buy on the website and real pop-sockets can be around £16. I love the instructions for use on the back, it seems so Jeffree. Tells you everything you need to know in a slightly dirty way.

Another item that is kind of exclusive to the box is a T-shirt. The only reason I say kind of exclusive is because I can’t find it on his website. Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve seen any of the merch from other peoples boxes on his website either. I snagged a Jeffree Star Approved Weirdo tee which I love so there’s a bonus.

I also got 6 lipsticks in this mystery box, 4 of them are velour liquid lipsticks and the other 2 are lip ammunitions. I’m pretty sure every deluxe box will contain the same shades but having not tried any of them before I am super excited and will give you full reviews anyway. All of the products are vegan and cruelty free as well as been Gluten and Paraben free. Both highlighters are also talc free. The first shade that I grabbed out of the box is from the original Velour Lipstick collection. Watermelon Soda is not what I expected. I expected more of a red shade but this is bright pink. It’s awesome. The formula is creamy and doesn’t streak when using the applicator. It was long lasting although it did dry my lips out after several hours of wear (all liquid lipsticks tends to do this to me). Also, this one smells of watermelon, so yummy.

The next shade that I tried was from the 2018 Summer Collection so it’s not that old. Fudge Pop is described as a warm toned metallic brown by retailers. I am loving this shade because although it’s brown, its not too dark and the metallic sparkles add a lovely colour. Again this formula is creamy and glides on without any streaks although it doesn’t smell of anything.

The last 2 velour liquid lipsticks within the mystery box are from the family collection. The first of these to try was the shade Delicious which is a deep grey toned mauve. I’m not 100% sure whether I like or dislike this shade. It’s a very unique shade so it might just take some getting used to but I think it’s a little too dark for me. The formula is as amazing as the rest of them. AUTHORS NOTE: after a few tries this is now my daily lipstick (edit 2020)!

The second lipstick from the Family Collection was Baby Daddy, a warm taupe nude. This is a beautiful brown toned nude for my skin tone which is a surprise because I would never have picked this one for myself. It’s not too light or dark for me even though browns can be a tricky one.

The final two lipsticks within the mystery box were Lip Ammunition Lipstick (traditional bullet lippies). Love the name and the whole design of these lipsticks. The first one, Allegedly, is from last years Holiday Collection and is a brown terra-cotta nude. The pigment in this is insane, pretty much on the level as the velour liquid lipsticks but this doesn’t dry to a matte finish. So no drying of the lips. It doesn’t last as long as the liquid ones do but it does last a reasonable amount of time.

The second lip ammunition was the shade Jeffree’s Girl and I believe this is from the original collection released. Described as a soft pink, this one is pretty bright so I’m not sure what is meant by “soft”. As with the first bullet, the pigment in this is amazing although it does stain the skin slightly.

Along with the 6 lipsticks, we also got 2 Skin Frost highlighters. I can’t believe how big they are, I mean they are HUGE. Once again, I’m pretty sure we all got the same shades in our deluxe boxes but I walked away with a Regina George and a Dark Horse Skin Frost. I could never justify paying £25 for a highlighter so I have never tried any of the Skin Frosts, but I have to say so far I’m seeing more value for money than with any other £25 highlighter.

In the pan, Regina George looks to be a bright, vivid pink highlighter but on the skin this is much more subtle. Although the formula is creamy and soft, there is a slight grittiness to it that I think is caused by the glitter in it. However, when blending this onto the skin, you cannot feel that grittiness. This highlighter is very reflective without been too glittery and goes over the top of blush beautifully. This is the only Skin Frost that is not eye safe as it can stain your lids.

The Dark Horse Skin Frost was the last product for me to play with. Although way too dark for my skin to be used as a highlighter I will certainly be using this on my eye. The formula is so soft and creamy it literally glides onto the skin with none of the grittiness I found in Regina George.

Altogether the contents of my mystery box would have cost me £172 so for me it’s a right bargain getting this for £80. All of the products including the T-shirt are freaking amazing even if some of the shades don’t suit my skin tone. Thankfully, many Jeffree Star Cosmetics products are multi-purpose which is why I risked a mystery box. It’s even led me to a shade I would never have purchased which I now love. Thanks for reading. I really hope that you have enjoyed this review and will join me in the new year for more. Merry Christmas to you all and enjoy the holidays.

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