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GlossyBox UK Advent Calendar Review

Hi lovelies,

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you’ve all had enjoyed the holidays. What did you all get up to? Let me know in the comments below.

To kick off the new year I thought I’d review the beauty advent calendar that I bought for December. If you’ve come from my Instagram, you will probably have seen my series of mini reviews on the products from this so you may not be interested in this post. However I still want to review the calendar as a whole in case they make one next year.

This was pretty pricey for an advent calendar but it did claim some pretty impressive brands (Nars, Huda etc). Subscribers to GlossyBox could get this for £75 while non subscribers had to pay the full £99. It did claim that there was over £300 worth of products in this and previous experience with them has shown that this was probably a good claim. I pre-ordered this calendar in October and it was delivered in early November which I didn’t expect. The package was heavier than I expected and it was pretty big too.

I have to admit there has been a lot of skin care and hair care products within this calendar but I actually don’t mind this. Skincare is so important but it can be fricking expensive especially for the good stuff. I think it’s awesome to be able to try out the top end products before committing to pay so much.

So many of the skin care products received are top quality brands and I didn’t receive the same product twice. Brands such as Mitchell and Peach (face oil £40), Zelens (renewal mask, full size is £100😱) and Philip King (conditioner £10 for the smallest) were included. Some of the more expensive stuff were samples but that’s to be expected when you get so much value for money. You pretty much get something for everywhere, a bit of face cream, hand cream, hair mousse, lip primer and moisteriser as well as some serums and masks.

We also got plenty of makeup within our calendars. We got 10 products, again all different, along with 2 makeup brushes. Each product was from a different brand and many of these brands I have never tried before so I was really pleased about this. There were a lot of affordable brands that are accessible to most people with a couple of expensive ones thrown in for extra treats. I particularly love the Huda Beauty Winter Highlighter Palette despite not been a fan of the brand. It’s an expensive one to find in an advent calendar.

The 2 makeup brushes included were also high quality brands. We got a Real Techniques foundation brush and a Luxie Beauty tapered highlight brush. Great items to be included in a beauty calendar for me and I love both of them. The tapered highlighter brush is certainly one to add to the kit over a fan brush, there’s no going back for me now.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention one final item that really did surprise me. We got a Yankee Candle in our calendar. Although it smells delightful (Berry Trifle Scent) and is perfect for winter nights, it’s not something I’d expect to be in a beauty calendar. Still no complaints though cause Yankee Candles are expensive.

Overall, I am amazed with the quality of this beauty advent calendar by GlossyBox. I’ve had other beauty calendars before and they have been pretty rubbish in terms of the products you get. At least with this one, you get to try so many brands and you pretty much get a full face of products and skin care. All of the products are good quality and many of the brands I have never tried. If you want to read little reviews on each of the products please check out my series on Instagram (see here).

Thanks for reading. I really hope that you have enjoyed reading this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Don’t forget, if you want to subscribe to GlossyBox UK use my refer a friend code by clicking here. There’s no extra cost but it could save us both pennies. Leave a like or let me know in the comments what you thought, maybe even hit that follow button.

Rach xx

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