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Storybook Cosmetics X Mean Girls Burn Book Eyeshadow Palette Review…is it soo fetch?

Hi lovelies,

I’m finally getting to review this one. I’ve wanted this palette for so long and it’s always been sold out but I managed to order one during their LAST restock. Yeah it’s the last time this will be restocked so get it while you can.

You can get this palette from the company website (see here) and that’s it I think. Sometimes Beauty Bay do stock Storybook palettes but I’m not sure about this one. This retails for $55 and shipping cost me $25 (crying over here). I received a dispatch email the next working day (7th) after placing my order and it arrived at my door on January 14th.

It arrived from the States in perfect shape. The shipping container was well packed with air pockets and the palette was wrapped in bubble wrap. Also, within the parcel is a lovely Storybook bookmark with a thank you note from the three sisters that own this company. I’m sure this will make an appearance over in the cave (my book blog).

The palette comes in a black drawstring velvet bag with the Storybook logo on the front in pink. The unicarton is a cardboard sleeve to help keep the palette closed and is designed to look like the Burn Book. The palette is designed the same way. As with all Storybook palettes, this one is designed to look like a book so you can store it on a shelf.

The Burn Book palette contains 12 shades with a nice mix of matte, shimmer and pearl shades in colours that work well together. Each shade is named from a famous quote from the movie, my favourite name being “Is butter a carb?”

When doing the swatches, some of the lighter shades did need a few swipes. However, the shadows were soft and buttery to touch with the exception of October 3rd which has a slight grittiness to it. Only slightly though.

On the eye, the shadows perform so well. They are extremely pigmented yet easy to blend out. The shimmer and pearl shades, as well as being pigmented, also add an amazing shine to your looks. They are really eyecatching and bright.

There is a small amount of kickback in the pan for most of the shades which I don’t mind. I also had a slight amount of fallout under the eye, mostly for the shimmer shades but this was pretty minimal for how pigmented the shadows are. No complaints.

Overall, the Burn Book palette is everything I wanted and more. I am so so, so so so happy with my purchase. Just a shame it won’t be around much longer. The packaging is well made and perfectly designed to the theme. The shadows are amazing on the eye yet easy to work with. Some kickback and fallout but nothing severe.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you have enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Have this palette…send us your looks and product images for a feature on Insta. Don’t forget to hit the like button or add a comment. Maybe even the follow button if you loved it. Below are some images of the product in use.

Rach xx

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