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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Lust Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

Y’all know I had to have this one as soon as I saw the previews on Jeffree’s Instagram. This is the third installment in the “Blood” range. Oh a warning…this is a long one.

This time, I actually purchased this palette from Beautylish cause I panicked. Kinda wanna have a pop here. Why is the price variant so different between JSC and BB for the lipsticks and not for the palettes. Y’all can’t just blame import charges here, BB are been well cheeky. So it’s probably cheaper purchasing from Beautylish and this is coming from Miss “I Buy Everything from Beauty Bay”. Anyhoo…

The Blood Lust palette is available from all the usual retailers (JSC website, Beauty Bay and Beautylish). The palette retails for $54/£54 and with Beautylish and Beauty Bay shipping was free to me in the UK. With Beautylish I did have to pay import, but this was settled during the transaction which rarely occurs but I love it. Means you get your stuff through customs quicker.

Unfortunately, it does take a little longer for your order to be shipped; 2-3 days to be exact and I can get an order from BB here by then. Thankfully, I placed a BB order just in case having never used Beautylish before.

Side note: my Beautylish order arrived today (25th February) and came packaged in some unique JS tissue paper. Love things like this to add to the ever growing JSC collection.

The palette comes in a dark purple hexagonal unicarton with the name and JSC logo on the front. All product information and ingredients are on the back. Unlike other unicartons from JSC, this one contains a cushioner on the inside to stop the palette from rattling around.

The palette itself is pretty unique even for Jeffree Star standards. A hexagonal palette covered in a lush crushed faux-velvet purple. As always, it does have a clasp for closure and a huge mirror on the inside lid. There is also a mirror protector as well to stop your shadows transfering.

The Blood Lust palette contains 18 shadows; 10 mattes, 1 matte with sparkles, 1 foil, 4 metallic and 2 shadows of the new wet look formula. Now, I know there has been some unhappiness over this shade range. I was also expecting a collection of darker more gothic shades however I actually love the colour palette. It’s so typical Jeffree to go this route.

On the back of the palette is an attention notice stating that the shades bleeding heart, take the crown, high king, dungeon, scandel water, blood queen, wet jewel, vivid mood, pink magic, beauty sleep and betrayal are NOT to be used in the immediate eye area.

This is due to the pigments used within these shades. It is typical of vegan forumlas and pressed pigments containing red. The pigment used is not approved for eye use by the FDA but it is fine by UK standards. I didn’t experience any irritation or problems other than staining for any shades.

When doing the swatches, most shadows were buttery and soft with the exception of sworn enemy, bleeding heart and blood queen. I’m not sure how to describe how these felt, not gritty or lumpy but they did have a rough texture. Executioner feels like silk, I wanna rub it everywhere.

On the eye, the shadows perform pretty well. They all have amazing pigment, even the lighter shades and are still easy to blend out. The shades blend together with minimum effort and work well. Some of the darker shades can have fallout under the eye but you can avoid this by slowly building up the pigment.

The shade Blood Queen is sickening. It’s so vibrant and for me forms the entire base of the palette. This will be used so much by me, for sure. Now this one does stain your eye a bright pink, yea its pretty bad to start with but does dull down quickly.

Tried on Sunday, this was Monday

Unfortunately, most of the purple shades do have quite a lot of kickback in the pan. I don’t mind this as I do expect it with purple vegan formulas. However, the pigment of all the shades stayed intense throughout blending. I didn’t notice any patchiness during application and blending.

The glittery, metallic, foiled and wet look shades are, once again, absolutely stunning. The new wet look formulas are blinding and easy to apply with both brush and finger. The pink/gold duochrome Beauty Sleep is my perfect highlight.

Overall, I am LIVING for the Blood Lust. For me, it’s a great palette on its own but it’s also very complimentary to other palettes from JSC. The packaging is everything, like always and the colour scheme is beautiful. The shades are so pigmented, yet easy to blend. The new wet look formulas are phenomenal.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Have this palette…send us your looks and product shots for a Social Media feature. Don’t forget to hit that like button or add a comment. Maybe even hit that follow button if you loved it. Below are some images of the product in use.

Rach xx

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