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Christian Breton Eye Contour Mask-Dark Circle and Puffiness Review

Hi lovelies,

I’m back with another skin care review. Since I liked the Christian Breton mask the last time and since my local TK Maxx had some more in, I’d thought I’d try a different set.

I won’t go into the background of the other masks available in this one. If you want to know more about other eye masks check out my previous post here.

You can grab the Dark Circles and Puffiness eye masks from the Christian Breton website (see here) for €27 (£24). You can always check your local TK Maxx too as I bought mine for £5.99 again. At the moment you can also pick up these masks from Amazon (see here).

Although these are primarily are to reduce dark circles and puffiness, these masks contain quite a few ingredients to help combat a range of issues. These range from cucumbers for tightening posts to the anti wrinkle ingredient Hyaluronic Acid. Not to shabby.

The packaging and instructions for these masks are the same as the other under eye masks so there’s no need for me to resay that. Just check out the other one.

Once again, I really loved these masks. I found them even more soothing than the first set and there was no residue left after use. I don’t think these reduced the dark circles but reduced puffiness which made themm look lighter. My undereye did feel so much better though after using these; softer and smoother skin.

Before use

I didn’t have any issue with these masks. They were easy to apply and remove. They didn’t cause any irritation to my eye or the surrounding skin and I didn’t suffer any break-outs or allergic reactions.

Immediately after use

Overall, I’m happy again with my purchase. Although they didn’t do everything they promised, my undereyes did look and feel better after use. Honestly I wouldn’t pay the full price of £24 for these though.

20mins after use

Thanks for reading. I really hope you have enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Have these masks…send us your thought and product images for an Instagram feature. Don’t forget to hit that like button or add a comment. Maybe even that follow button if you loved it.

Rach xx

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