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Spectrum Collections X Mean Girls Face Brush Set Review

Hi lovelies,

Another review that is a year in the writing. With so many launches and new products it’s hard to write about old gems that I am still loving. I’ve previously tried Spectrum Collection brushes and loved them (see here) but I’ve been craving the Mean Girls Set from day 1.

So these brushes were a present from last christmas but as I was there during purchase for once I can give payment details. This set was purchased from Boots drugstore and cost £40. I’m not sure if this particular set is still available but be sure to check out Spectrums other collections (see here).

Absolutely love the packaging of all the Mean Girls brushes. This set comes in a box designed as the Burn Book and everything correlates with this theme. The blending sponge, makeup bag and brush handles all feature our favourite quotes from the film. I love this attention to detail.

The set contains a 7 piece brush set, a silicone blending sponge, a makeup bag and a little compact for a mirror. Honestly, I don’t really like the fabric of the makeup bag but I love the design and the sie is perfect to travel with.

With the brushes, you get a good mix of both face and eye brushes. You get 4 face brushes and 3 eye brushes. The brushes are A10, B06, A01, A05, B01, A07 and the B04. You can buy all of these brushes individually for between £4.99 and £9.99 from the company website. The design of these brushes is unique to this set.

As with my other set from Spectrum, these brushes are super soft. As with all Spectrum brushes, this set is cruelty free and vegan. They are well made with sturdy handles.

The A10 is a fan brush for highlighter or loose powder and has the quote ” Grool” on the end. By far, one of the best fan brushes I’ve used for highlighter. I’m not a huge fan of the fan brush as a prefer a tapered brush but this one does pack on the product.

The B06 is a tapered blender and has the quote “You go Glen Coco” on the end. I actually already have this one in the millenial pink set but this one performs in the exact same way. Can never have too many good blending brushes.

The A01 is a domed powder brush and has the quote “Shut Up” on the end. It picks up and applies your powder easily without you looking cakey. I prefer using this with loose powder rathr than pressed.

The A05 is a precise blush brush and has the quote “You’re like really pretty” on the end. Love the angled bristles on this brush, they really do help with precise application. It picks up blushes well and applies them softly.

The B01 is a flat topped buffer and has the quote “She doesn’t even go here” on the end. So this one is a labelled as one a very versatile brush-can use it for foundation, powder, blush or contour. I found it too soft to use for foundation but great for cream contour.

The A07 is a colour applicator brush and has the quote “That’s so fetch” on the end. This is like a giant stubby brush and is great for packing on colour. It’s also perfect for a smokey eye too. I tend to reach for this one quite a lot.

The B04 is an angled shader and has the quote “It’s October 3rd” on the end. I find this one perfect for adding depth to the outer corner of your eye and blending into your crease.

For me the worst thing about this collection, is the glue that holds the brushes in the packaging. I found it hard to get the brushes out of the holder and some of the glue struck the brushes and was hard to remove.

Overall, I am in love with this collection. I fell in love with there aesthetic immediately and they didn’t disappoint in terms of function. They are equally as good as the last set I purchased from Spectrum so I will continue to buy from this company.

Thanks for reading. I really hope that you have enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Have these brushes…tell us your thoughts or send your product images for an IG share. Don’t forget to hit that like button or add a comment. Maybe even hit that follow button if you loved it. Below are some looks created using this brush set alone.

Rach x

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5 thoughts on “Spectrum Collections X Mean Girls Face Brush Set Review”

  1. Those are really cute. I just watched this movie today, and I can see what a good job they did with the packaging. Thanks for the review!


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