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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Lip Scrub in Lemon Sucker and Star Mirror Review (Jawbreaker Collection).

Hi lovelies,

I’ve been really bad and had a massive makeup shop…I needed retail therapy and Beauty Bay had a bank holiday sale. Oops. Anyhoo, I’ve tried lip scrubs before but never an edible one so I got JSC; and as I was placing that order I got a mirror two.

As with all Jeffree Star Cosmetics products, you can purchase them from Beauty Bay for £12/£22 (scrub and mirror) or from the company website for $12/$30 (scrub and mirror). I managed to pick this up for £9 and got free next day delivery due to spending £60+.

All Jeffree Star lip scrubs are vegan and 100% cruelty free while containing no parabens or gluten. For the price, you get 30grams (1Oz) of product. As you don’t need to use much, this jar should last a while.

The lip scrub comes in an outer box bearing the company logo on the front and the shade name on the top. Each box and the lid of the pot usually have the same colour and this changes according to the collection they belong to. In this case, it’s chartreuse for the Jawbreaker Collection.

The jar itself feels nice and sturdy. The lid fastens tightly so it won’t be coming off during your travels. The scrub itself is essentially a sugar based scrub. It doesn’t feel too harsh on the lips but it does exfoliate them well. It the perfect accompaniment to a liquid lipstick expecially during the winter months.

Along with the lip scrub I also picked up my first JSC mirror. I really wanted the pink pig from the new colloboration but it went too quick so I got the white Jawbreaker star mirror instead for £25. The packing is nice and simple but protective of the mirror.

The pink box has the JSC logo on the front and had a jawbreaker collection sticker holding it closed. The mirror is laid in a styrofoam holder to keep it safe and it survived the trip from the USA intact. The mirror is lightweight but not cheap plastic. I thought it would be top heavy but it’s nicely balanced.

Overall, I am so happy with my two purchases from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. My first edible lip scrub, works great and tastes even better. The mirror is also a great buy. Perfect for if you don’t have a vanity mirror and is light enough to hold up. No complaints.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Got these products…tell us what you have and send us your product shots for a share on Instagram. Leave a like or let me know in the comments what you thought, maybe even hit that follow button.

Rach x

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