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Ardell Beauty X Ellis Atlantis False Eyelashes Review

Hi lovelies,

Got a recently launched item for ya and it’s not JSC. I know, I can’t believe it either. But anyway, I’ve known of Ellis for a while now due to mutual friends and also Instagram (see here). Last year he rose to even more fame on the UK competition Glow Up.

Today, we are looking at a collaboration with Ardell Lashes available from Superdrug (see here) for £9.99. I can’t find anywhere else that stocks these lashes at the minute but I’ll keep you updated if that changes. Shipping was free but it did take a few days to dispatch and another few to arrive due to the current situation.

The packaging is fairly typical for lashes from Ardell Lashes. The usual plain eyelash holder with a cover in a cardboard sleeve but there is a great picture of Ellis on the front. There is a tube of Duo eyelash glue included with the lashes.

You get 2 pairs of lashes in the packaged that can be worn individually or stacked. The adhesive that hold the lashes to the packaging is tough to peel off because it’s so sticky. The lash band is nice and thin making it flexible to fit the eye easily. I did need to pop some liner over the band as you could see it slightly without it.

When applying them stacked, the lashes are a little harder to work with. This is only because the band becomes less supple with both pairs together. However, they are still easier to apply them some single pairs.

Single pair used

I didn’t really like the glue included with the lashes but I’ll keep playing with it to see if I like it any better. I struggled to get the lashes to stick to my inner corner with this and I didn’t have the same issue with my other lash glue.

Lashes stacked

Overall, I am so happy with my purchase from Ardell Lashes. I love being able to support a fellow creator in their line of work. The price is pretty reasonable for two pairs of good quality eyelashes and they are easy to apply.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will join us for more in the future. Have these lashes…send us your looks and product images for a feature. Don’t forget to hit that like or add a comment. Maybe even the follow button if you loved it.

Rach xx

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