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2020 Roundup-The Hails and Fails of the Year

Hi lovelies,

What a year huh? Not shitting you, I’m glad this one is coming to a close. Thankfully we’ve gotten to play with some AMAZING products that have made this year semi bareable as well as some not so amazing items.

Welcome to the RachNevsBeauty Hails and Fails of the year: a selection of products that have delighted or horrified us. If you think we’ve missed something or you disagree with us make sure you add a comment. I actually think we have more hails than fails this year. Some of these products were released this year and some of them weren’t. However they have all contributed to my year of discovery.


First up for our hails is a much talked about palette on social media. That is the BPerfect Cosmetics X Stacey Marie MUA Carnival XL Pro Palette. The full review is here but this one has barely left my side since I bought it. Before starting any makeup, I look in this palette for my colours first. The MMMMitchell highlighter palette collaboration with BPerfect is also an amazing product (see here).

The second and final palette on this list is the Barry M X Anna Lingis palette (look at all the influencer collabs on this list). This one is a great buy for those looking for a more gothic but yet daily use palette. This one is pigmented and blends like a dream and retails at a reasonable £10. This is my daily go to. Check out my full review here.

We have a huge love for Sugarpill here at RNB because they were our first big purchase and 2nd product review on this blog. But the Tako eyeshadow quite simply deserves a special mention on its own. I’ve not found a better matte white shadow anywhere and I love that you can purchase this as an individual shade. It’s bright, not chalky, doesn’t crease and lasts hours. See my full Sugarpill review here.

Time for some lash love for the first time on our hails. We all love a good pair of lashes and the Ardell Beauty X Ellis Atlantis are some of the easiest to apply (see here). These are surprisingly subtle but as you get two pairs you can layer them up for a more dramatic look. Sticking with lashes…Bella and Co also need a mention with their range but it’s their glue that is my hail (see here). Simply the best especially for your really heavy lashes. Seriously they will not move.

If you’re in the mood for a huge lash then you have to check out What A Drag! I’d highly recommend the Pride lash bundle but if you prefer this lash style is available in black. They are fluffy, huge, extra soft and surprisingly light in weight. For something so huge they are also pretty easy to apply. Be sure to check out that review here.

A couple of stand out base products for us this year were The Most Concealer and Puff Puff Pass Powder from Kim Chi Chic Beauty (see here). These two work great together and also with other products. There is a good shade range for both products and you can use the concealer to do everything. It’s got good coverage and blends so easily. The powder leaves you with a gorgeous, satin finish to your skin.

Ooooo we’re expanding this year with something that has changed the hair game for us here at RNB. That is the Wig Fix by The Renatural (see here). This has made wearing a wig so much easier, especially throughout the day if you don’t want to glue it down. I don’t think I can agree with their ‘rollercoaster proof’ statement but it does keep your wig wind secure while protecting your actual hairline.

The final item on our hails list is for when you want to take it all off. The Face Halo Modern Makeup Remover is a life and planet saver (see here). Taking off a full face of makeup has never been so easy. Some water and one side of the pad was all I needed. Nothing more to say.


It’s the third year a JSC item has been on the Hail and Fail list but it’s the first time in the fail section. This one goes to the Cremated palette and not because of the controversy surrounding its name either. This palette just fell short of the expectations I have for JSC and I cannot justify it’s price when the Makeup Revolution CB01 is better and so much cheaper. The full review is here.

The Lottie London Nudes swatch palette was a huge fail for me (see here). The shades are way too light even for me and have very little pigment. The shade range could be much better for a nudes palette. The shimmers are the best part of this palette and even then aren’t amazing just ok.

So I wasn’t originally considering this to be a fail of the year but after trying it out more I found it just didn’t work for me. The Makeup Revolution Conceal and Hydrate foundation is a dewy version of original matte formulated for dry skin. Obviously with my oily ass complexion this just separated on my skin and looked hideous. However this does not make it a rubbish foundation….it’s just not good on oily skin. Read that review here.

Oh I’m sorry Makeup Revolution for the double hit on the fails coz I do really love this brand. The Disney Nightmare before Christmas collection was pretty bomb but the Sally palette just didn’t do it for me (see here). This is another personal preference rather than a crap product because it has good pigment and blends well. For me though, it was a bit of a disappointment having barely any matte shades in it.

That’s pretty much it I’m afraid. There have been so many good makeup discoveries this year that I had to get real picky with my hails list. I can’t wait to see what’s planned for next year. Well I suppose that’s it for 2020…Happy New Year everyone. Let’s hope 2021 is better.

Thanks for reading and for sticking with us for another year. I hope you will join us next year for more discoveries, trials and errors. Hit the follow button for updates or sign up to our newsletter for extra goodies.

Rach xx

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