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Morphe X James Charles Artistry Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

I actually never planned on purchasing this palette but as it was on sale and recommended to me by friends I figured WTH!

I purchased this from the Morphe website (see here) but in the UK you can also grab this from Boots (see here). Usually this palette retails for £39 but snagged this one for £20. God I love a good sale. Shipping was free but did take a while to dispatch and then deliver. Not surprising during these times and I’m so thankful that many stores as well as the postal service are still functioning. It’s keeping us going.

The palette come packaged in an outer box with the company and collaborators name on the front along with the campaign image of James. I have to say, you don’t see many palettes with the creators face on the box. Although I love the image and entire campaign around this palette, having it on the box is cheesy.

The palette itself is matte black with the writing in satin black. I really like this minimalistic design. The palette was well protected in it’s unicarton with a layer of bubble wrap. The shade names are written on the plastic protector which I really don’t like cause then you got to keep it. Also, there’s no mirror.

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw this palette I didn’t get excited about it and its colour scheme. I just felt like I had most of these shades in other palettes so I didn’t want to spend that much on it.

Now that I have it, I sort of feel the same. One or two of the shades really excite me and some are different to ones I already own. But I’m still a little meh about it overall.

However upon saying that, there is nothing wrong with the palette. When doing the arm swatches, the shadows laid down smoothly but I did think some looked a little patchy. They are soft and silky to touch and the shimmers have a gorgeous shine.

One the eye, they perform so well. Very pigmented and vibrant but still easy to blend. As with most shadows you do lose some vibrancy when blending but they are easy to build up. I’ve noticed though that these shadows do crease after some time and I always use my P.Louise base.

Creasing on the eye 😭

I haven’t experienced any patchiness or staining with any of the shades. I’ve not suffered with any irritation to or surrounding my eyes. However, I don’t have sensitive skin.

For most of the shades, there is some kickback in the pan but I can handle this. Just don’t swirl your brush in it and you’ll be fine. I’ve only had fallout when using the shade Artistry but that won’t stop me using it cause it fricking gorgeous.

This palette is really quite versatile for all skin tones as many of the shades can be used on the face. I’ve used them as contour, bronzer, blush and highlight as part of a full face and they worked well.

Full face

Overall, I’m kind of happy with the Morphe X James Charles Artistry Palette. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this but there’s one shade that excites me. I can’t justify a £39 for 1 shade. The formula is great, not patchy, it’s easy to blend and really pigmented. For £39, it’s a pretty good palette.

That one shade: Artistry. I love it!

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Rach xx

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