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P.Louise Makeup Academy X mmmMitchell Acid Reign Cosmetic Paints Review

Hi lovelies,

Seriously, can’t stop buying P.Louise products and I really don’t want to either. A lot of companies claim to have revolutionary products but P.Louise’s actually are. I’ve not had a bad one yet! Plus currently they have some amazing deals so be sure to snap some up.

The Acid Reign Cosmtic Paints are a collaboration between P.Louise and the renowned makeup artist mmmMitchell (see his Instagram here). There are 7 shades available all from the P.Louise website (see here) but they are only sold individually at £14.50 each. I was lucky and grabbed 2 huge deals for my purchases getting 2 paints and a brush for £25. I also grabbed an extra paint as part of another deal. Keep an eye on the P.Louise social media pages for the best offers.

The 7071 Flat Brush that came with one of the deals retails for £9. After trying it, I’m pretty certain this brush is the same that came with the Secret Sinner Base Set. To save repetition be sure to read that review here.

Shipping prices aren’t too bad for UK delivery. If you spend over £15 you get free standard delivery. If you spend over £30 you get 48hours DHL shipping for £5.99. It did take a few days to get here but that’s not surprising due to the current situation. As always, they were delivered in a black, padded envelop.

The coloured paints come in an outer box, beautifully designed and colourful. Only Blank Canvas comes in a plain box but it really suits the collection. The shade is clearly visible on the front of the box which I love. The tubes are fairly typical for cosmetic paints and similar to the bases although sturdier.

When squeezing the paint from the tube, it feels very thick and I initially thought it would be too thick to work this. However, when warmed on the back of your hand, the consistency becomes much nicer to work with.

Raver and Glow Girl

The Blank Canvas paint is the only one I’m struggling with. For some reason, there was a lot of excess oil within the tube which made a bit of a mess. I’m not sure if this has affected the product in any way as it is pretty similar to the other shades. The only different been that Blank Canvas is stickier when drying so I have to pop some translucent powder over it to take that away.

All the paints are amazing for creating sharp lines and cut creases with minimal effort especially as you don’t have to set the coloured ones. They are also great for general makeup application as well. The paints are easy to blend out, they just take time. You will lose some vibrancy when blending but they are buildable to add that back. The paints also mix well together so you can create a huge range of colours on your own.

I didn’t experience any creasing with any of the shades, aside from the stickiness of Blank Canvas. However, even this, once set didn’t crease despite long hours of wear. The lines stayed sharp and blended areas didn’t crease either. Perfect. Oh you can also wear these in your waterline too where they last ages.

Both shades of pink did stain my lid but the staining didn’t last more than a day. I have a feeling this is due to the pigments used so this probably won’t happen with shades that don’t contain red.

Overall, I am so happy with my purchases from P.Louise. The fact I got them as part of some deals makes me even happier but I have no issues paying the full price for these. The packaging is top quality as always and the product is fricking amazing. Even with the issues with Blank Canvas they are still phenomenal. They last ages on the eye without creasing and are pretty versatile too.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will join us for more in the future. Have any paints…send us your looks and product images for a feature. Don’t forget to hit that like or add a comment. Maybe even the follow button if you loved it. Below are some images of the products in use.

Rach xx

Raver on lid and waterline
2 shades in waterline
All four shades used

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