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Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Flour Setting Powder Review

Hi lovelies,

I’ve known of this company for a few years now having first found them on Instagram (see here). I wanted to support them even more after the whole Huda and her baking campaign but was undecided on which product to try.

I picked up their Flour Setting Powder from Cult Beauty (see here) but you can also get this from their website (see here) and LookFantastic (see here). This retails for £22.50/$24 and you get 14grams of product. I got mine from Cult only because they have free UK shipping. My order arrived the next day. Since purchasing Morphe has announced that they will be stocking Beauty Bakerie in the UK.

This is available in 7 shades. I grabbed mine in the shade Oat which is the translucent one but there is also several shades for dark skin tone. I’m living for this as I mostly see white or translucent powders.

The packaging is beyond cute and completely matches the concept of the company name. Badged as Flour setting powder, the outer packaging reflects this with the flour bag. Even down to the Nutritional facts above the ingredients.

The pot is fairly typical packaging for loose powder. It has a seperator with holes that can opened and closed to stop your powder going everywhere. You will have to tip your powder into the lid to use it. I’m perfectly happy with this design as it really does keep your powder in the pot.

The website describes this as a finely milled powder that is vegan and gluten free. With its colourless formula to set the face all day, it kicks oily skin into touch. It should blur your pores and soften your complexion giving you a matte finish to your base.

Light dusting over full face

Y’all know of my contant battle with oily skin so I figured I’d give this one a go and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. I have yet to find a powder that I can bake with successfully. Until now. It sets that mug in place, without flashback at all. I didn’t have any trouble with oil, creasing or cake face even with heavy baking. Just be sure to brush away all the excess powder.

Close up of light dusting

Even a light dusting of flour, will you keep you set in place and oil free all day. My only issue is that it does highlight the texture in my skin but I think that’ just my skin and nothing will help apart from botox.

Same base but baked

Overall, I am so happy with my purchase from Beauty Bakerie and I will definitely be heading back for more. Although, expensive it is well worth the cost. The company concept is amazing and the packaging matches and is of high quality. The powder keeps your base in place and the oil at bay.

Close-up of baked area

Thanks for reading. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Have this powder…send us your product pictures and looks for an Instagram share. Leave a like or let me know in the comments what you thought, maybe even hit that follow button.

Rach xx

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