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Boltune Wireless Earbuds Review

Hi lovelies,

Something completely different and new here but we do offer lifestyle posts occasionally. Is there anything more relevant to everyone’s life than headphones.

I was actually sent these in a larger parcel of electronics, free from Amazon. Not sure why or for what reason as I’m not on the influencer team, just affiliated through the book blog. Since I’ve got them, might as well try them and review them for you.

You can pick up the Boltune True Wireless Earbuds from Amazon* and find out about more of their products here. They retail for £36.99 which isn’t too bad when considering competitor prices.

According to the website, these wireless earbuds make for hassle free listening with active noise cancelling technology. They use bluetooth V5 for fast transmission speed and a stabler connection with no signal loss or dropouts. The range is 50 feet. One step paring technology should make them easy to use with great sound quality. A total of around 30hours of playtime, with 4 hours in the earbuds and a further 25 with the charging case.

I’m really glad these were sent to me. My plug in head phones drive my crazy when doing any sort of task. These truly are hassle-free. I put them in and there they stayed. They were easy to connect to my phone as well. It took all of 5 seconds. The range is pretty good, I can’t swear to 50ft but you can leave the room with the signal staying intact. The transmission speed is pretty fast with minimal delay between the visual and the sound. They are easy and quick to charge while offering long listening hours.

The noise cancelling technology is pretty effective. You can’t hear much surrounding sound when wearing them both so be careful walking with them in. The sound quality is decent for the price, there’s no buzzing or humming in the background. The sound is on the quieter side which would reduce any bass buzz anyway but you still get a decent volume with them with the noise cancelling technology. I’ve tried more expensive headphones that have sounded a lot worse.

Overall, I am pretty happy with these earbuds from Boltune, and I would be happy paying full price for them too. They perform as they say they should and are easy to set up and use. The sound quality is decent but a little quiet.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed something a little different here today and will join me for more. Any experiences with these…let me know in the comments below and hit that like button. Maybe even the follow button if you loved it.

Rach xx

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