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Glamlite Cosmetics Burger Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

Another product that I’ve been wanting to try for ages and haven’t been able to afford to it. However, spotted at 30% off code on their site so woop woop pennies off. This palette is cruety free and vegan.

The Burger Palette is available from the Glamlite website (see here). I haven’t found any other stockists of Glamlite so if you know of any let us know. This retails for $40 which is pretty pricey but not ridiculously expensive. Shipping to the UK was pricey at a base price of $22 (sob sob) but I did have another palette and some lashes too without going over the base.

I received my dispatch email within an hour of ordering which has never happened before and I am seriously impressed. It did take ages to get to me but that is no fault of the company or their delivery currier. I need to add that my palette was bubble wrapped to heaven. Nothing was smashing through that; nice one.

The packaging is perfect. It is literally a burger and I love it. It’s even got a squishy top too. It comes in an outer box and also within the traditional burger bag. The top of the palette is a little squishy like a bun. It’s so perfect, it’s unreal. The product as a whole feels sturdy and well made and that includes the unicarton. All product information can be found on the sides of the box and the back of the palette. There is also a decent sized mirror on the lid.

The Burger Palette contains 16 shades: 3 neons, 2 diamond finishes, 4 shimmers and 7 mattes. It’s a gorgeous colour story full of shades you would find in a burger and I immediately wanted to dig in. Pun intended.

When doing the swatches, the shadows felt so soft and silky. They laid down so smooth and evenly. The shimmer shades are fabulous; smooth, soft and shiney. The shade Blue Cheese just gets everywhere. It’s lovely but it’s really crumbly and a little bitty when applying.

On the eye, they perform well. They are so pigmented but still easy to blend out. The lighter shades are buildable so you can really get that pigment. The shade Spinach can look a little patchy after blending but that is easily fixed by tapping some more pigment over it. There is a fair amount of kickback in the pan and some fallout under the eye. This is worse for some shades than others.

I do have one or two other issues with that palette that I’ve not mentioned. Some of the shades do crease pretty heavily for me despite prepping my eye the same as always. As well the shades onion rings and caramelised onions do not sit well together. For me they just do not work well as a duo at all and I don’t understand why. The red and purple shades do stain your lids but not too much considering the pigment.

Overall, I am really happy with this purchase from Glamlite Cosmetics. Although shipping was slightly expensive, you can at least add multiple items for the base price. The concept and packaging is amazing and well made. All of the shadows are very pigmented but buildable and blendable. Some are better than others but that’s always the case.

Thanks for reading. Have this palette…send us your product shots and looks for a social media feature. Don’t forget to hit that like button or add a comment. Maybe even subscribe if you loved it. Below are some images of the product in use.

Rach xx

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