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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Cremated Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

I try to avoid all the drama within the beauty community cause I just wanna review makeup. However, a lot is happening with JS that I just want to comment on. I love his makeup, I truely do but do I agree with and love him personally? Right now, No. But I buy makeup to review for you and, unfortunately, people want these reviews. They bring a lot of readers and I want to provide things that people want.

You can pick up the Cremated palette from the company website, Beauty Bay, Beautylish and Black Swallow (all linked). Prices vary between companies due to differing countries but this retails for £55/$58/$95Aus. Naturally I purchased mine from Beauty Bay as it saves me money on delivery and import. Beautylish offer free UK shipping with customs paid at time of purchase. I’ve not ordered from Black Swallow but you will wait an age for JSC delivery.

The packaging is pretty sedate for a JSC palette. Both the unicarton and the palette are decorated with a marble effect but only the unicarton contains the palette name. I love how this is done with the cut out showing the palette underneath. What I don’t like is Jeffree’s face on the front of the palette. I find it a little narcissistic to stick your face on the front of your palette, even though I love the photo, the makeup and the effect.

The palette itself is made of card with a glossy finish. Not the best when you consider some of his packaging. All product information including the ingredients can be found on the back of the unicarton. There is a mirror on the inside of the palette and there was a plastic cover over the shadows and mirror to protect them. I have my first ever issue with JSC packaging and that is some of the pans are wobbly. Not just glued in wonky but actually lose. When I’m paying £55 for a palette I don’t want lose pans.

This palette contains 24 shades; 15 mattes and 9 metallics. This is a cool toned palette full of blacks, greys and whites. It’s surprising how many undertones there are in this palette with blues, greens and browns. This is the most neutral palette I’ve seen frm JSC.

For once, there are no attention warnings on the back of this palette. I haven’t had any issues when using any shades in this palette. Glitter does get everywhere but none in the eyes so far. I don’t have sensitive eyes so this may not be the same for everyone.

When doing the swatches the majority of the shadows were amazing. They felt silky and smooth and swiped so well. However, the shade hearse just felt weird and slick and Diamond Ashes felt gritty to touch. The rest of the metallics are so soft, you don’t need to apply pressure to them as well as been super glittery.

On the eye, the shadows mostly perform well. Some of the darker shades need some work to blend out but they hold their pigment pretty well. With the exception of hearse. This one goes on with pigment and loses it pretty quick when blending. I honestly prefer the black in the alien palette. There seemed to be little difference in the undertones of the shades once on the eye. When blended those blue and green notes weren’t there. The lighter shades are perfect for blending out those darker ones and apply evenly. I didn’t notice any creasing with any of the shades.

Overall, I am reasonably but not 100% happy with this one. The shadows are mostly fine which is the most important aspect. However, the black is weird and doesn’t hold it’s pigment when blending. The lighter shades are fine. For me the packaging isn’t the best and most and vitally I have wobbly pans. Not what I expect from a £55 palette.

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Rach xx

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