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bPerfect X Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

I’m so glad, I finally have this palette. I’ve been eyeing it up for a while now and I did want the original. However looking at the price between the two it seemed daft to buy the original. This palette is cruelty free.

I picked this up from Beauty Bay (see here) but you can also pick this up from the company website (see here) and Superdrug (see here). It retails for £42 meaning I got free delivery with Beauty Bay. It did take a few days longer to arrive than usual but was with me within a week.

The outer box and palette have the same design; matte black with the text in a metallic rainbow. I really love the simplicity of it. All product information including the ingredients can be found on the back of both so you don’t need to keep the unicarton. The palette feels well made and protects the shadows. There is a mirror on the inner lid as well as a protecter over the shadows.

You get 40 shadows in this palette (30 matte, 10 shimmer) as well as three highlighter shades. The colour story makes this the perfect professional palette as you have the full rainbow to choose from. There are a couple of shades for every colour and a good selection of neutral shades too. The three highlighters will probably have most skin tones covered as well.

When doing the swatches, all the shadows felt soft and buttery to touch especially the shimmers. A few of the matte shades such as in lust and lights out needed a couple of swipes. The shimmers swiped like a dream and have such a good shine.

On the eye, the shadows performed so well. They are really pigmented while still been reasonably easy to blend. With some of the brighter shades, you can lose some pigment when blending but you can layer in back up. I found the shimmers are best applied with your finger or a damp brush.

There was a small amount of kickback in the pan and some fallout under the eye. I don’t have an issue with this as they are so pigmented. I didn’t even experience any staining from the red based shades which I find really surprising for how pigmented they are.

Overall, I am so happy with my purchase from bPerfect. The price is great for the amount of shadows you get plus the highlighters. The packaging is well made and good for travelling without being overly large. The colour story is perfect for any pro makeup artist as if covers every base. The shadows are pigmented but still easy to blend and the highlighters are suitable for most skin tones.

Thanks for reading. Have this palette…send us your product shots and makeup looks for a social media feature. Don’t forget to hit that like button or let us know your thoughts in the comments. Maybe even hit that follow button if you loved it. Below are some more images of the palette in use.

Rach xx

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