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My first PR package….YAY!!! Review

Hi lovelies,

So I received my first PR package the other month from an eyelash retailer here in the UK. So excited. The company do not make their own lashes but they are a supplier of many brands.

I was contacted by a member of their PR team regarding whether I would be happy to receive some lashes to try with the option to review. Due to this, I did not pay anything for the products nor for shipping. You can purchase any of these items from the website (see here, not affiliated).

I was lucky enough to receive 3 pairs of lashes in different styles, some lash glue and also a lash applicator. So grateful as I’ve been struggling to find the right lash glue and needed an applicator.

I was sent some House of Lashes glue (retails at £10) and I love it. So far, it’s the best glue I’ve tried and really does keep my lashes in place. Even the huge ones. I will definitely be purchasing this when I run out.

The lash applicator is one made by False Eyelashes and retails for £4.99. It seems like such a nothing product but for beginners this is a game changer. You can see what you’re doing and you can avoid your nose too (that makes life easier).

The first pair of lashes that I just had to try was the Red Cherry Lashes in the style Dasha. These are made with synthetic fibres and retail for £6.99. They are multi-layered, creating a medium volume lash that offer a fluttering appearance.

With these, the lash band is a little thick and needs bending into shape before trying to glue them into place. I needed to trim a little off the ends a bit for them to fit. Once bent and trimmed they were pretty easy to apply with my applicator.

The next pair that I tried was from the company Land of Lashes in the style Paloma. These are faux minx lashes and retail for £8.95. They offer a full, dramatic look with their feathered clusters spaced evenly across the band.

For me, I had to trim the band down quite a bit for them to fit. The band is nice and flexible and quite thin making application pretty easy for big lashes. I do have to wear eyeliner with these just to help blend the band in better.

The final pair of lashes that I was sent were the Ardell Beauty Studio Effects Wispies. These retail for £5.99 and are full volume, long length lashes. They have an invisible band and are designed to produce a big eye effect.

These have a really flexible lash band that doesn’t really need shaping. I barely had to trim the band for these ones. They were really easy to apply and the band just disappears. I love that you don’t need to wear eyeliner with these.

Overall, I am so happy with the items sent to me. I know they were free but I would have no issues paying full price for all of the items. The three pairs of lashes are easy to apply especially with the applicator and glue. Thank you so much to for kindly sending me this package.

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Rach xx

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