Jeffree Star Cosmetics Mini Jawbreaker Palette Review…do you need the mini? Extra Surprise

Hi lovelies,

I took advantage of my perk points on Beauty Bay and grabbed this for free with my most recent order. Yay! Free makeup is the best although to claim your perk you do have to make a purchase.

You can purchase this palette from the usual retailers: JSC, Beauty Bay, Beautylish and Black Swallow. I think this is currently out of stock everywhere except Beauty Bay so keep your emails peeled for updates. This retails for £27/$28 depending where you buy it (Black Swallow price will be higher). With Beautylish you get free UK shipping but you do have to pay customs. JSC costs are high and shipping takes forever. You’ll get free delivery with Beauty Bay.

The packaging is complimentary to the rest of the collection. The unicarton is chartreuse while the palette is white. Both contain the coloured flecks we see on jawbreakers and have the palette name on the front. All product information including the ingredients can be found on the back of the unicarton. The palette even has a mirror in the lid.

This is a 9 pan palette containing 5 mattes, 2 metallics, 1 duochrome and 1 with reflects. There are 2 shades from the main Jawbreaker palette repeated here but I’m not mad about it. These are Bubblegum and Bite Me; the pale pink and metallic purple but as I use them regularly I’ll probably need the extras.

There is an attention warning on the back of the palette that states the shades Bubblegum, Bite Me, Foreplay, Oral, Orange Crush and Purple Punch are not to be used in the immediate eye area. Bit of an issue when 6 out of 9 nine shades shouldn’t be on the eye. Naturally I ignored this as I don’t have sensitive eyes but be sure to take all warnings seriously.

When doing the swatches, all the shadows swiped well and evenly. Only the shade Hot Fudge needed a double swipe but I didn’t need to dip back into the palette. The shimmers are gorgeous and silky to touch. The duochrome looks absolutely stunning which is the whole reason I wanted this palette.

On the eye, the shadows perform well. All of the shades are highly pigmented and the colour story works well together. Most of the shades blend out easily with the exception of Purple Punch that goes a little patchy when blending. You do lose some pigment in most of the matte shades when blending but you can easily build them back up as they don’t go patchy.

There was a small amount of kickback in the pan for all of the matte shades and a slight amount of fallout under the eye with the shimmers. The hardest shade to control was Orange Crush, those reflects do travel. The pink and purple shades did stain my eye slightly but this only lasted about a day. I didn’t have any other issues when using this palette.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Mini Breaker palette and I’d even be happy paying for it. The packaging is fairly normal aside from the colour of the unicarton and feels sturdy. The quality of the shadows are as good as any other palette and I love the colour story. The shades work well together and blend easily.

So y’all I picked up a pink pig mirror from the Shane Dawson Collaboration and thought I’d drop that small review here. You can grab this from JSC, Beauty Bay etc. This retails for $30/£25 and there are a few different colours to choose from.

So I love my star mirror but that will now be retired to it’s box. After the pig, the star is jt too damn small. You can pretty much see your entire face in it and it’s only slightly heavier than the star. If you don’t wanna get this one the Jeffree Star Approved mirror is of a similar size and shape to this.

Thanks for reading. Have these products…send us your images and looks for a social media feature. Don’t forget to hit that like or leave us a comment. Maybe even hit that follow button if you loved it. Below are some images of the Mini Breaker in use.

Rach xx

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