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P.Louise Makeup Academy Sandwich Stages Palette Review-Dishin’ the Dirt Collection

Hi lovelies,

We have a new release from the fabulous P.Louise Makeup Academy. I’m finally getting to try one of their eyeshadow palettes. I’ve been wanting one for ages but this packaging was just too cute to resist.

You can pick up the Sandwich Stages Palette from the P.Louise website (here). You can also pick up select P.Louise items at Morphe (here) but I’m not sure if this one will land there. The palette retails for £37.50 individually but you can get it in a deal with other items in the collection for £60. It did take a few days for my items to be dispatched and then arrive but that’s to be expected on launch day with a pandemic going on. When you pick up the “meal deal” your items arrive in a bag which is perfect but makes the package huge.

The packaging is, of course, designed to look like a meal deal sandwich. You actually get 4 mini palettes that are encased in a card carton. Although I love it and find it so cute, it’s not really practical once you’ve opened it. All product information can be found on the unit carton including the ingredients list. I particularly love all the extra P.Louise additions such nutritional info, personal mantras and a warning that you will be sickening. I find the shape of the mini palettes a little awkward to hold and the lid on 1 will not stay open.

The concept of this palette is a brilliant educational tool particularly for beginners. Each mini palette is a different layer for your eyeshadow looks to teach you basics of blending and building up your eyeshadows. This technique and shadow knowledge can then be tranferred to other palettes.

You get 16 shades in this set: 12 mattes and 4 shimmers. 4 shades to each “layer” making a bright colour story that can be combined in many ways. The pans are a decent size but I’m not crazy about the shape. Something about the sharp angles of the corners I think. I’m glad the pans are a good size but for me it doesn’t quite justify £38 for 16 shades. Let’s hope they are deep.

When doing the swatches, some of the darker shades felt a little chalky, particularly Delicious. It also needed a few swipes to get an even swatch. There were no issues with the other shadows, in fact they all felt buttery, swiped well and had plenty of pigment on bare skin. I was really impressed with the pigments of the pastel shadows in layer 3.

On the eye, the shadows perform so well. They are really pigmented but buildable to layer up that colour. The shades are pretty easy to blend together although you do lose some pigment when blending. The shade Delicious did go a little bit patchy here but this was easily rectified by building that pigment back up. Personally, I found the pinks to be easier to work with than the blues. The shimmers are gorgeous, pigmented and so shiney. They apply well with both a dry brush and your finger but they can crease after a while.

There was only a small amount of staining to my eye from the mattes using a red base. The pink shimmer though, woah boy, that staining was bad and lasted about 3 days. Honestly it stained my arm for 2 days after swatching and it was only on my skin 10 mins for the pics. There is a small warning on the back stating that pigments used for certain shades are unsafe for use in the eye area by US Law. Basically, the FDA haven’t caught up yet cause they’re fine for use in the EU. There was very little kickback in the pan and only the shimmers had fallout under the eye.

Overall, I am reasonably happy with my purchase from P.Louise Makeup Academy. One of two issues for me but nothing major that can’t be worked around and priced slightly too high for what you’re getting. The packaging is really cute but the palette and pan shapes are a little awkward for me personally. The majority of the eyeshadows perfom well but all are pigmented and blendable. The shimmers have amazing shine but can crease after long hours.

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Rach xx

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