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My Kit Co. Brushes Review

Hi lovelies,

Another beauty tools post for you today. So I discovered this company from Ellis Atlantis over on his Instagram (see here). Unfortunately the one I really wanted to try (the 1.20) was out of stock so I picked up a few others.

My Kit Co. brushes can be purchased from the company website (see here). I managed to get these in a sale and saved loads so keep your eye on their website and social media. Delivery cost me £3.45 for 48 hour tracked delivery. It arrived within a few days of placing my order.

The first brush I picked up was the 1.12 Pro My Tapered Crease. Full price this retails for £18 and is made from natural fibres. The brush tapers to a soft point making it perfect for adding definition to your crease. I often use this the opposite way, using it to blend out my crease with lighter shades for my most colourful looks however for soft glam, this is my crease brush.

The second brush was the 1.19 My Fluff and Buff-Small. This retails for £13 and is also made from natural fibres. This is a super soft brush designed for buffing and blending. I use this mostly with my darker crease shades as it offers a consistant application and blend.

The third brush was the 1.3 My Defining Crease. I can’t seem to find this one on the website anymore but I think it retailed for £15. I love this brush for blending my crease as it’s quite compact. I really hope they bring this one back for y’all.

Overall, despite the price of these brushes I’m really happy with them. Good brushes really do make a different with your makeup and these are a good investment to make. These are my go to brushes when working in my crease (which is often). I’ll definitely be purchasing more from My Kit Co. but I’ll be keeping my eye open for some deals.

Thanks for reading. Have these brushes…tell us your experiences and send us looks produced with them. Don’t forget to hit that like button or add a comment. Maybe even hit that follow if you loved it. Below are some looks produced using these brushes.

Rach xx

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