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Glamlite Cosmetics Veggie Lovers Pizza Slice Palette and Fry Lashes Review

Hi lovelies,

So, I’ve been working to build my collection of green shadows which is why I went for the Veggie Lovers Slice Palette. And I just couldn’t say no to the lashes. Both products are cruelty free and vegan.

You can pick up both products from the Glamlite website (Palette and Lashes). The palette retails for $22 and the lashes for $12. Unfortunately, international shipping did cost $22 and this is the base cost. However, I also had the Burger palette sent with this order so it’s not too bad. It was shipped within an hour of ordering, literally an hour.

The Palette comes in a triangular, cardboard outer box decorated to look like pizza. It can be a little tricky to open and get the palette out but once you do, you probably won’t be putting it back. The palette is decorated the same as the outer box but made with thick card. Nothing really special about this one. All product information including ingredients can be found on the box. There’s also a miror on the inside of the lid and a protective cover over the shadows.

In the pizza slice palettes you get 10 shadows; 5 matte and 5 shimmers. The Meat Lovers slice is a collection of red, pink and purple whereas this one is full of green, yellow and brown. The shade names are written under the pans and are perfect matches to the shades.

When doing the swatches, most of the shades laid down really well. The shades Basil and Black Olives were a little patchy and needed several swipes to look smooth. However, all the shimmers felt soft and laid down in one swipe.

On the eye, they actually perform better than the swatches. I haven’t noticed any patchiness with the shades not even when blending. The mattes are really pigmented but they do lose some pigment when blending. They are all buildable though so this pigment can be added back after blending.

The shimmers performed just as well on the eye as the arm. They apply well with a brush or your finger. I didn’t notice any of the shades creasing thoughout the day (not that I’ve been doing much). There is some kick back in the pan but minimal fallout on the face. The fallout was mostly with the shimmers but also when packing on the black.

The Fry Lashes are synthetic silk lashes that come in a box designed to look like fries. Like the palette, the box is made from thick cardboard and is probably the most protective packaging I’ve seen for lashes. The lashes sit on a circular holder the help maintain their shape. Unfortunately, you don’t get lash glue so be sure to have some already.

The lash band is quite thick and did need some shaping and trimming before applying. The lash band is pretty long so they’re perfect if you have bigger eyes. The thick band can make them a little tricky to apply but it’s easier once they’ve been shaped. They do feel slightly heavy on the lids but they are a big lash and less annoying than I thought they would be.

Overall, I am so happy with this purchase from GlamLite Cosmetics. The packaging of both products is top quality and sturdy and arrived well protected for transit. The eyeshadows are high quality with good pigment while being blendable and buildable. The lashes needed some adjustments but after were easy to apply.

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Rach xx

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