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P.Louise Makeup Academy Oh So Browtiful and Crisp Finish Review Dishin the Dirt Collection

Hi lovelies,

So I have a triple product review here with the rest of my “meal deal” order from the new P.Louise Dishin the Dirt Collection. You can read the palette review here (shameless plug is back). Not gonna lie, I pretty much bought this entire collection because I wanted this packaging. Oops.

You can pick up both products along with the rest of this collection from the P.Louise website (here). I know you can buy select products at Morphe (see here) but I don’t know when or if this collection will be available. The brow duo retails for £16 and the Paint Duo retails for £18. You can also pick up the paints bundle for £75 if you want all the new shades.

I’ll start with the brow products as these are a completely new product to the P.Louise site. These are sold as a pair; pencil and gel, and packaged in a takeaway coffee cup. I love it as it fits with the collection, which is based entirely around that sandwich palette. However, it is a bit of a waste of packaging as it’s all for the aesthetic. I say that but it’s currently sat on my desk looking all cute so I guess it’s not that wasteful. The pencil comes in a box inside the cup to prevent it from breaking.

The Oh So Browtiful comes in three shades; Espresso, Hazlenut Latte and Mochaccino. I love the shade names but I don’t like the range. I’m sorry but 3 shades are just not good enough for a new product. Basically light, medium and dark brown so if you’re blond don’t bother. I picked up the shade Espresso as it is the darkest shade and my brows are almost black.

The pencil is dual ended and retractable making it perfect for popping in your bag. Perfect spoolie on one end for styling, creamy pencil for filling in on the other. The pencil applies smoothly and has good amount of pigment. My only issue is that the edge of the pencil can rub off the pencil when you have no tails to your brow. It may stay on a better when you have brow hairs but without it is easy to wipe off.

The brow gel comes in a tube with the traditional spoolie for shaping. It has a decent amount of pigment in there for a brow gel; I literally used this to create a tash for my male drag. It holds your brows in place pretty well throughout the day. My only issue, the end of the wand deposits a dot of product despite getting the excess product off the end. It makes it a little difficult to get the hairs at the front of your brow. As I only have the start of my brow I probably won’t be reaching for this daily.

Onto the other half of this review. The Crisp Finish Cosmetic Paints are packaged a little differently to the Acid Reign Collection (see that review here). These come in (surpise, surprise) a crisp packet (chips in the US). Again, I love the packaging and think it is perfect for this collection. It doesn’t feel so wasteful as you also get a #7075 flat brush with each paint. The tube designed is the same as the original with the shade easily visible on the front.

The Crisp Finish Paints are available in 5 shades; Extra Spicy, Tangy Cheese, Sexy Chilli, Smokin’ Hot and Salty AF. Basically a baby pink, a peach, a teal, a deep beige and a sky blue. I love the new shade range and think they compliment the original Acid Reign collection. I also love that the brushes are coloured to match the paints rather than just been plain. I picked up the shade Sexy Chilli coz you can never have enough teal.

The formula of the Crisp Finish paint seems a little different to the Acid Reign paints. It’s the same thick and creamy consistency as the others but it’s not as stiff. The others worked best after warming them on the back of your hand but I didn’t need to that with this one. I was literally able to use this one straight from the tube.

The colour is so gorgeous and is really pigmented. It is easy to apply and buff out with the right brush. With the flat brush in the duo, you can create the sharpest of cut creases but be sure to rinse quickly. This paint can be evil to shift when its dried into your bristles. You don’t need to set this with powders but it did crease on me after a few hours when I didn’t. It lasted all night with a bit of powder. Probably my oily lids don’t help with that.

Overall, I’m really happy with my purchase from P.Louise. I’m kinda glad I got the deal and saved some pennies cause I probs won’t use the brow products daily. They’re great and all but I prefer my pomade for my tails. Absolutely love the crisp finish paint and brush duo. It’s creamy, pigmented and the brush works with it perfectly. I love the packaging of everything.

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RachNevs xx

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