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Hi lovelies,

I’ve got another contact lense review for you this week. I was really hoping to get this posted as part of the halloween series but ya know can’t do it all.

I actually found this company through Instagram (see here) because of a giveaway that were hosting and these were the prize from that giveaway. In all fairness, this company is amazingly generous with their stock especially around the halloween period so keep an eye on all their social media pages for competitions (Facebook and Twitter).

You can purchase a huge range of sclera contacts from their website (see here). These lenses are expensive but they do last for 12 months and they often have a deal of a free pair of lenses with any purchase. They also come with a lens case.

As part of the giveaway, I got to chose any pair of lenses and I decided to get the Vampire Black (I was looking to purchase a pair similar to these). They retail for £49.99/$79.99 and are 22mm in diameter. Delivery was really quick and landed at my door within a week.

The contacts arrive in sealed glass jars. Before the first wear, they need to be removed from this packaging and placed in contact lense solution for 6hours. This should stop them irritating your eyes as much. And that’s your prep work done.

The application of these lenses can be quite tricky. Unlike normal lenses, you need to slide these under your upper eyelid. The application process is tricky to explain but this youtube video from BeautyByJosieK provides great instruction (see here). I’m not going to lie, I really struggled to get these in my first few times of wear but practise does help.

When first putting in these lenses, my eyes did water really bad. It did take a while for my eyes to adjust to them. The second time was much better but they still watered a little. The lenses were comfortable to wear even for long periods once you get over the original discomfort. They didn’t dry out my eyes but I didn’t wear them more than 6 hours.

In photos and in person, the lenses look absolutely fantastic. They are really effective for a range of looks and cosplays. In some photos you can slightly see my iris between my pupil and the contact. However, this is down to the lighting in the room and as they didn’t hinder my vision in any way I don’t mind this.

Overall, I am so happy with my lenses from Despite been contest winnings, my contacts got here quickly. The packaging is secure and safe for delivery with clear instructions for use on the back. The contacts were difficult to put it at first although they were not difficult to wear.

Thanks for reading. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Got lenses from this company…send us your photos for an Instagram share. Leave a like or let me know in the comments what you thought, maybe even hit that follow button.

Rach x

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