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Anastasia Beverley Hills Foundation Stick Review

Hi lovelies,

Another great bargain from TK Maxx again. I’ve always wanted to try ABH but in all honesty never wanted to pay their prices. Especially when buying online and are rubbish at finding your shade.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find your shade in TK Maxx but you can pick these up from the ABH website (see here) and Cult Beauty (see here). This retails for £27 but I managed to grab mine for £10 so be sure to check TK Maxx regularly. Always double check any beauty products before buying and definitely sanitise before trying.

The foundation stick comes in a matte black outer box with the company name and logo in metallic gold. The product information is listed on the backof the box and the shade name is on a sticker on the bottom. The black and gold colouring also continues on the stick itself making it look very sleek and minimalistic.

The foundation is available in 30 shades which is really good but for me I do think there could be a better ratio of light to dark shades. I actually picked up two shades, one for foundation and one for contour. Unfortunately, both turned out to be too dark for my original ideas however I got real lucky. The shade Shadow is my perfect natural contour and the shade Mink is perfect for my male drag contour (I prefer that a lil darker).

This is a natural matte, full pigment foundation that is buildable. The formula is amazing, I can’t lie. It’s smooth and creamy and offers pretty good coverage. It is buildable but also blendable and doesn’t set too quickly to work with. For me, this works perfectly for contouring and I love how it sits on my skin. It rarely looks cakey and I really need to get my foundation shade.

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Rach xx

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