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Lottie London Shadow Swatch Palette-The Nudes Review

Hi lovelies,

For the first time ever, I’ve got a nude eyeshadow palette. You heard right, I did say nudes. Alright , I didn’t go out and purposefully buy a nudes palette, it came in that bundle I snagged. I’m also fairly certain this a dupe for the Urban Bible nude palette but as I’ve not tried it so I can’t compare.

So I can’t actually find this palette to purchase individually on the Lottie London website but you can get it as a bundle with a couple of lip products (see here). You can, however, purchase this by itself from the Look Fantastic website for £9.95 (here). You’ll get pretty fast delivery whichever one you order from.

The packaging is fairly typical for a swatch palette. There’s no outer box but the lid of the palette does snap into place to keep everything safe. The palette itself is just plastic: thick, sturdy and cheap. I don’t mind this; it’s a £10 palette. All product information including shade names are on the back of the palette. There’s also a dual-ended brush included which I probably won’t use.

You get 12 shades in this palette; . The shades are ok but for me there could be one or two darker shades. I’m not sure they’ll be much different when I get them on the skin and I have a light complexion.

When doing the swatches, the shadows felt a little chalky but swiped pretty well. Most of the shades did need a double swipe to show the pigment better on my skin. For me, it’s all just too light and is clearly a nude palette for really pale skin. I’m not sure how these will work for those with dark complexions in all honesty. The shimmers performed better than the mattes with the exception of Maisie.

On the eye, they perform decently. There’s not much pigment especially when you start blending. However, they are buildable so you can work on it but you’re not going to achieve amaziness. I think they blend together easily, well from the shadows I can see anyway. I just wish they had a little more pigment. The shimmers are really pretty but subtle. I don’t mind a subtle shimmer as sometimes that’s all that is needed.

Overall, I’m kind of a bit Meh about this palette. I know the review reads overly negative but it’s not a bad palette for the price. I just feel like the shade range is all wrong and won’t work for the majority of skin tones which is a major issue to me. The palette is packaged well for the price and is sturdy for travelling. Although the shadows don’t have a lot of pigment, they are buildable and blend easily. I’ll definitely give Lottie London palettes another go but I need to find a better colour story.

Darkest 4 shades in the palette used

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