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P.Louise Makeup Academy Acid Reign Brush Trio Review

Hi lovelies,

Another one from P.Louise today as I really did make the most of their lockdown sales. Oops.

The Acid Reign Brush Trio have been designed in collaboration with mmmMitchell and can be purchased from the P.Louise website (see here). The three brushes retail for £23 and are only available as the set. I was lucky enough to grab these brushes along with an Acid Reign paint for £18 so always keep an eye on the P.Louise socials and website to snap up amazing deals like this.

The packaging is super cute. It is literally a cardboard sleeve, that’s it but designed as a paint brush. I love it and it matches up with the Acid Reign paints packaging perfectly. It can be a little awkward to slide the top back on but you don’t need to return the brushes to the sleeve. The brushes have a protective cover over the bristles.

You get a flat brush, an angled brush and a small paint brush with this set. They are all medium to small brushes so you can create detailed looks. Obviously, the brushes can be used any way you like, there is no right way to do things. Below I will discuss how I’ve used them and found them for certain things.

The flat brush is fast becoming my favourite for producing cut creases. It fits my lid space beautifully and creates a sharp line. It’s small enough for producing multiple cut creases without trouble. I use this for the paints also the bases and eyeshadows

I’m loving the angled brush for adding some vibrancy and darkness above said cut crease. It’s a thin brush for precise application and I often use it to blend my lashes and falsies. It will also be amazing as an eyeliner and brow brush depending on your needs.

The small paint brush is now a staple within my brush bag. Its got an angle making it perfect for any inner corner and lash line fantasies. I love using this for all the finer details of my most creative works.

All three brushes are really soft and well secured to the handle. They are keeping their shape even with multiple cleans. I think the handle are wood although I’m not sure they feel sturdy and nice to work with.

Overall, I am really happy with this brush set from P.Louise. I picked up an amazing deal but I would be perfectly fine paying full price for these. I didn’t think I needed them but boy have they been instrumental to my kit. The brushes are high quality and soft and offer a range of uses for makeup application.

Thanks for reading. Have these brushes…send us your products shots and look created with them for a social media feature. Don’t forget to hit that like or leave us a comment. Maybe even join our email list if you loved it. Below are some images created using these brushes.

Rach xx

Flat Brush
Angled Brush
Small Brush
Small Brush

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