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Zoeva Brushes Review

Hi lovelies,

So I have another couple of items that I purchased AGES ago and never reviewed for you. I picked up these brushes on the recommendation of the P.Louise Makeup Academy after purchasing their base.

I picked up the 144 soft concealer brush and also the 221 luxe soft crease brush. You can pick these up from Beauty Bay (see here) as well as the company website (see here). Both brushes retail for £10 each but I can’t remember the shipping costs as I bought them so long ago. Oops. I do remember that they arrived quickly and I ordered straight from Zoeva.

Each brush arrived in its own clear wallet, keeping it safe during transit. These aren’t good to store your brushes as after a few uses, the zipper came off. I’m also not sure if these brushes are cruelty free or vegan as it says nothing on the website about this. From now, I’ll be discussing the brushes one at a time.

The 144 Soft Concealer is made of pure synthetic hair and is 15.5cm. It has a flat, compact shaped brush head and is perfect for covering dark circles and discolourations as well as applying eye primer or cream eye products. This brush works best with cream products.

So, I’ve never used this brush to apply concealer. As said above, I use this to prep my eye and carve my brow. The shape and edge of the brush allows you to get sharp lines on your brow but also with cut crease. I do find it a little soft for applying a thin layer of the P.Louise base, it’s much better for applying a thick layer which just doesn’t work for my lids.

The 221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush is made of a natural-synthertic hair blend and is 16.5cm. It has an oval shaped, curved brush head making it perfect for creating smooth eyeshadow transitions and softened edges. This brush works well with pressed and loose eyeshadows.

This is my most loved blending brush and I now have 3/4 in my collection. I find this to be a really soft brush that is ONLY useful in blending out that crease. It does not apply your base shadows well when wanting to pack on colours. I either use this clean for blending out or with a small amount of shadow to create a better transition of colours.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase from Zoeva as you can probably tell by the repurchase. I will say I don’t really use the soft concealer brush anymore now that I have a better knowledge of brushes and my collection has grown. However, that 221 brush is now a staple in my collection even if I did struggle with it at first.

Thanks for reading. Have these brushes…send us your images and looks for a social media feature. Don’t forget to hit that like or leave us a comment. Maybe even hit that follow button if you loved it. Below are some looks produced using these brushes.

Rach xx

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