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Makeup Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation Review

Hi lovelies,

After the whole, wrong shade with the conceal and define foundation, I figured I needed to get some more. However, as I hated the applicator I thought I’d try the other foundation by Makeup Revolution. At least I had a basic knowledge of which shade to go for this time.

I purchased this from Beauty Bay (see here) but you can also grab this from the company website (see here) and Superdrug (see here). It is £9 for 14grams of product. Delivery did take a few days longer to get here than usual but I did order in the middle of a pandemic. Superdrug has the longest home delivery so you might be best grabbing it in store from them.

The packaging is nice and minimalist but still sturdy. The bottle is glass and feels pretty heavy. This one has a pump nozzle and I am so happy. I just don’t like the doe foot applicator for foundation. Sorry but not. The pump delivers a good amount of product in one go but not too much that you waste loads. You do get some product transfer fromt he nozzle onto the inside of the lid but I don’t think that can be helped.

One thing I do love about this range is, there are 50 shades of this foundation available with various undertones. Personally, I don’t think the online swatches are great for choosing your shade though. They seem way darker in the images than they are in person. I picked up the shade 5.5 and it’s pretty much perfect but this was only from my previous experience. When using the images I felt this shade was too dark for me.

The Conceal and Hydrate is described on the webite as a medium to full coverage that offers an all day radiance. It contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and provides a plumping effect to create a smooth, satin glow to the skin. It doesn’t settle into fine lines or cling to dry patches and has been formulated to combat dry skin. Probably not the best for my oily ass skin but I love a natural glow.

The description is fairly accurate although I wouldn’t say this was full coverage. It’s definitely a medium but can be built up to provide more coverage where you need it. I’ve been testing this out for a while now with very mixed results and I think that’s down to my skin. So on a good-none greasy-skin day it actually looks pretty but on a bad-greasy-skin day it looks horrible.

Let me focus on the good. I’m so gutted I don’t have more to say. On my least greasy areas (or a good skin day), the foundation does apply well and sits nicely on the skin. It adds a nice glow to the skin and blends well with other products for a seamless base. This does oxidise after application but this is probably closer to the online examples of the shades.

On my problematic areas (or a bad skin day), the foundation is the exact opposite. It breaks apart and settles in patches particularly across my cheeks. These issues are only highlighted further with concealer, contour and powder. It also didn’t last long and started breaking down after a few hours and settled into my fine lines. Again I think this is my skin rather than the foundation. So yeah, not good for oily skin at all. It’s such a shame for me as it would be decent.

For me personally, the foundation, although runny in consistency feels quite thick and heavy on the skin. At times it felt greasy but I think that was mostly to do with my skin rather than the foundation. It also took a decent amount of powder to get it to set fully.

Overall, I’m on the fence with this foundation. I think this will be a great foundation for those with dry skin however for oily skin like mine, keep clear. The Conceal and Define foundation is so much better for combination or oily skin. The packaging is sturdy and there is a good shade range. For me, there were mixed results; some days flawless, some days caked mess. The foundation does look good and offers a natural glow but does feel a little greasy on my skin.

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Rach xx

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