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Lottie London Holo Duochrome Lip Gloss Review-3 shades

Hi lovelies,

I’m nearly done reviewing the massive Lottie London bundle I snagged a few months ago. Just a couple more items after this one. Make sure you check out the Nudes palette review (here) and Slay All Day Lip products (here).

The Holo Duo Chrome Lip Glosses are available from the Lottie London website (see here) with some shades on LookFantastic. They retail for £5.95 and you get 3ml of product. You get free UK delivery when you spend £20 or more with Lottie London and shipping doesn’t take too long.

The packaging is the industry standard for lip gloss with a clear tube and a doe foot applicator. I love the holographic details on the tube as it fits with the brand and the product while still allowing you to see the product within. The applicator is quite thin and shapeless but looks to hold a good amount of gloss.

The Holo Duo Chrome Lip Gloss is available in 4 shades although I will only be trying out 3. I have the shades Goals, Shade and Iconic but all shades are gluten free, cruelty free and vegan. The website describes these glosses as shade shifting and are packed with multi-dimensional, rich, high coverage pigment. The gloss should glide on effortlessly and deliver a long lasting, mirror-like shine with no sticky residue.

All 3 glosses smell really sweet when you undo the tube but you can’t smell them once applied. All three glide on smoothly and the thin applicator helps with precision application. Not the most even spread of product so be sure to go over them a few times to ensure an even coverage. None of them felt sticky, in fact they felt pretty slick. They are highly pigmented so yo can wear the alone but I think they look best over a matte lipstick. They don’t look as oily with a lipstick underneath.

So the first one I reached for was Goals-y’all know I can’t resist pink with a blue/purple shift in it. This one has more of a metallic sheen to it but is slightly glittery in the right light. It can be quite subtle when wearing it alone especially if you prefer a thin layer of gloss. This will change the hue of most lipsticks adding that pink tint as well as the blue from certain angles. Surprisingly though it didn’t move the lipstick underneath and lasted well.

The second shade that I had to try almost immediately was Shade. It’s a brown base with a greeny gold glittery shift. So unlike the other two shades this one looks to contain glitter particles as well as the duo chrome base. You really don’t need much of this one when wearing it alone as there is so much pigment. Plus using this one minimally will really show off that duo chrome glitter.

The final shade, Iconic, is a purple brown with a bluey silver metallic shift. This is one that didn’t really excite me until I paired it with a dark brown lipstick then I saw that colour shift. The brown with a blue/silver tint looks amazing. When worn alone, you can’t see the colour shift of the gloss and it looks way too glossy when you wear a thick layer.

Goals alone
Goals worn over Hey Bae

Overall, I am so happy with these 3 shades of the Holo Duo Chrome Lip Gloss from Lottie London. They are well priced for the amount of product you get and as you don’t need to use much should last a while. The packaging is fairly standard for lip glosses although the applicator is thinner than most-more of a thin wand than a doe foot. The formula of this lip gloss is great-easy to apply with no stickiness but with good pigment and shine. I preferred wearing all 3 over a lipstick rather than alone but that’s just personal preference.

Shade alone
Shade worn over Hey Bae

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Iconic alone
Iconic worn over Hey Bae

Rach xx

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