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Bella & Co Cosmetics Mystery Box Review

Hi lovelies,

I told y’all I’d bought a couple of things from Bella & Co and here’s the rest of the order. Be sure to check out the Up ‘N Smoke Palette review (here) from them.

You can purchase this box from the company website (see here) and it retails for $30/£23. I’m not sure if these are sold permanently so be sure to check out the company’s Twitter (here) and Instagram (here) for updates. This is a small US based business and I was a little worried about shipping (I’ve been burnt before) however I had nothing to fret over. Order was shipped literally the very next day with tracking and it landed at my door in 10 days.

My full order arrived safe and sound, in packing peanuts and bubble wrap. The mystery box products come in a pink Bella and Co box with the items protected by paper confetti. Each pair of lashes are packaged in a fabulous hard, plastic case which I love. I’ve not seen anything similar to these for lashes, just the usual rectangle or circle holders.

The mystery box is designed for people like me who just cannot decide on a lash style. You get 3 pairs of lashes; 1 natural length and 2 medium length; as well as a pair of tweezers and some lash glue. The website does state that the tweezers and lash glue are free but you actually save money by buying the mystery box (explained more below). All lashes are cruelty free and vegan.

The natural lashes sent were in the style Sugar Baby which retail for £7.72. These are a great natural false lash that can be worn with glasses. They’re the perfect length and not too heavy. The lash band is pretty flexible but quite short even with the additional band at either end of the lashes (I trimmed that off). They cover two thirds of the eye making them perfect for me but may be too short for some. The band isn’t too noticable during wear but can easily be blended with liner.

The first pair of medium lashes sent were in the style Kaked Up. These retail for £6.69 and are a wispy, flared lash. These are a fairly long lash but they are lightweight and easy to wear.The lash band is longer and thicker than the Sugar Baby lashes making them slightly stiffer and a little harder to apply. A bit of shaping makes application easier and I did need to trim some of the band before wear.

The other medium lashes sent were the style Savage and they also retail for £6.69. The lashes are pretty long, not quite touching the brows but they’re not far away. The lash band is quite thick but they are still reasonably flexible though you’ll need to shape them before wear. They’re surprisingly lightweight for their size and comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

As well as the 3 pairs of lashes, you also get some lash glue and tweezers free with your mystery box. The tweezers retail for £1.60 and are the industry standard. The glue retails for £4.99 and this is why, ultimately, you do save money. The glue is fricking amazing. Trust me, your lashes ain’t moving with this one. It smells really strong and sticks like superglue but is really gentle on the skin. I’ve tried this glue with so many lashes now and even my biggest, heaviest lashes stay put for hours.

Sugar Baby lashes
Sugar Baby lashes

Overall, I am so happy with the Bella and Co Mystery Box. Perfect if, like me, you just cannot decide on a lash style. Now I have some knowledge of their lashes, I won’t be hesitating to purchase individual styles in the future. All three pairs of lashes feel lightweight and are easy to wear over long periods. The Sugar Baby lashes are shorter than the others but all are still pretty easy to apply. The lash applicator works perfectly and the glue is phenomenal. Nothing will move with this one.

Kaked Up lashes
Kaked Up lashes

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Savage lashes
Savage lashes

Rach xx

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