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What A Drag Stay Home Stay Proud Eyelash Bundle Review

Hi lovelies,

So I was made aware of this brand by an amazing friend of mine RioArtistry (head over to their IG here). Any company created to provide affordable, good quality products for drag queens is a company I can fully support. They also support and work closely with a number of organisations including the National Aids Trust.

You can pick up this Lash Bundle from the What A Drag website (see here) but be quick because they are limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Full price these retailed for £29.95 but have been reduced to £19.95. You get 6 pairs of coloured lashes plus an applicator for this price. Delivery was £3 and my order landed with me a few days later. It even arrived in a branded Jiffy bag. I love additional touches like this. You know they care.

The bundle comes in a white, box with a magnetic closure on the lid. I love the big rainbow paint splatter on the front and find it really draws your eye to the brand and product names in the centre. Each pair of lashes sits in their own holder with the applicator in the middle.

There are 6 pairs of lashes and an applicator in this bundle; one pair for every colour of the rainbow. All the lashes are the same style, Femme Tops which are available in black (see here). They are mink style lashes made from multiple layers of 3D synthetic fibres.

The lashes are absolutely huge; just like drag lashes should be. The length of the bands are definitely longer than standard lashes and I needed to trim them slightly. I really don’t mind, I am a female wearing drag lashes after all. Better too big than too small. The width of the band is surprisingly thin for such a big, fluffy lash but it holds the lashes nicely. The band is also quite flexible making application easier than you would expect for something so big. I do wish some of them had clear bands though just in case you want a coloured liner (as I sometimes do) but the black one does blend in well with normal liner.

The lash fibres themselves are super soft and luscious. The multiple layers make them fluffy but also really long in length. Honestly they are so pretty but they do tickle my eyebrows. Despite been massive, these lashes aren’t overly heavy to wear which was a nice surprise. I expected more weight but these can be worn comfortably for hours without weighing down your eyelids.

Overall, I am so so happy I was introduced to What A Drag. The company ethos is amazing and is something I can stand by 100%. Order processing and delivery was quick and hassle free and containing extra special touches that show you they care. The packaging is perfect, it’s fun, colourful but also practical. The lashes are amazing; great quality, huge and fluffy but not heavy. They are pretty easy to apply.

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Rach xx

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