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Joyroom Mini Desktop 10″ Selfie Ring Light Review

Hi lovelies,

I have something completely different for you today. I promise I’m not gonna turn into a tech blogger (really too poor for that) but this tech is something most makeup artists will have or use at some point in their careers. With christmas around the corner this is a great gift for a makeup lover.

I’ve been on the search for a ringlight for ages but there’s so many out there, it’s hard to know which is going to be a good brand. I picked up one from GearBest a while ago but it’s so flimsy it can barely hold itself upright before attaching my phone. The tripod just has no weight to it and it’s only a 10″ but this made me worry about getting a new one. I think this is everyone’s biggest worry when buying a ring light.

Thankfully Amazon sent me this one (still not sure why tbh) and I’m extremely grateful for that. You can pick up a Joyroom Ringlight from the company website (see here) and Amazon (here). I was sent the 10″ desktop one but there are options for bigger lights with larger tripods. This retails for £18/$29 and is available for Prime delivery. I honestly can’t comment on delivery costs or times so if you do drop your knowledge in the comments for us.

The ringlight came in an outer box with the light wrapped in foam. It was a snug fit so it didn’t rattle around during transit and it arrived safe. You will need to assemble the light and tripod and the additional pieces come in a padded envelop inside the box. As well as the tripod you also get a flexible phone holder and a bluetooth remote control.

The first thing I noticed when unpacking the pieces was how heavy the tripod was. It’s got some weight to it and that makes me so happy. It was easy to assemble and I love that I can leave a part out if I don’t need to change the angle. For me, it just makes the light more stable. The flexible phone holder also has some weight and quality to it. I’m really impressed with the quality and feel of everything for this price.

Once assembled, the light and stand are very stable even with the phone attached (and my phone’s heavy). It remains balanced whichever side you place the phone holder. The ring light aperture is a  decent size and will probably fit most phones through it. I was surprised my phone fit as it’s a phablet and pretty big. It makes me even more impressed with this light. The flexible phone holder fixes on using a screw attachment and this is the only thing that can loosen when repositioning things. Other than that, it’s sturdy enough to hold your phone while been flexible enough to position.

The additional part of the tripod is a piece I usually hate on cheap ringlights. This part is the ball socket between the light and tripod that gives you more angles for filming. On cheaper lights, this piece is flimsy and never secure. On this one, however, this works perfectly. It’s secure when tightened but gives you full rotation when loosened. The balance of the tripod remain stable even when pivoting the light and holder. The bluetooth remote is easy to link to your phone and makes filming a doddle.

The light itself is fricking amazing. It has 3 different light modes; white, yellow and a mix of the two. It also has 10 brightness settings making it perfect for all your filming and photography needs. The bulb covering feels well made and diffuses the light evenly. It’s actually pretty bright even on the median settings so you don’t have to sit too close and can use it for bigger projects. I didn’t get a picture with the light on as you can’t really see anything but my recent posts have been taken using it.

Overall, I’m actually really impressed with the Joyroom 10″ desktop ringlight and I will certainly be checking out their larger lights/tripods in the future. Every piece of the tripod feels sturdy, well made and reasonably heavy and supports everything perfectly. When fully assembled the light is well balanced and stable allowing you to reposition various parts and hold your phone. It is easy to assemble and small enough to travel with. I’m absolutely loving this ringlight.

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Rach xx

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