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Makeup Revolution X Disney Nightmare before Christmas Collaboration Highlighters Review-Both Shades

Hi lovelies,

I’ve finally got my third and final review regarding the Makeup Revolution Nightmare before Christmas collection. Sorry this has taken so long.

You can pick up both highlighters from the Makeup Revolution website (Misfit Love and Moonlight). Both highlighters retail for £8 and contain 6.9grams. You get free UK delivery when you spend £30 and it can take a week to arrive. It all depends on the time of year and any sales they may have. Although my Black Friday order arrived within a week so I was pretty impressed with that.

The packaging design matches the rest of the collection; the grey and black stripes with a scene embossed on the front. There’s a different scene on the front of each that matches the colouring of the highlighters inside. The outer box design is the same as the highlighter and contains all product information and ingredients. As much as I love the book design of the highlighters, it makes them bulky to store. The name of each highlighter is one the inside of the cover. I love that the skull pressed has been pressed into each one as well.

Misfit Love is described as a gold and bronze highlighter suitable for warm undertones. Moonlight, Mischief and Madness is a peachy pink with a pearlescent hue perfect for those with cool undertones. When doing the arm swatches, both shades were soft and buttery and swiped so well. You can clearly see the difference between the two shades and it’s clear that I can only use Misfit Love on the eyes.

On the face, both highlighters add a gorgeous, but subtle glow to the skin. You can layer them up to get a blinding glow. This is perfect for daily wear or when you want more natural makeup. Both were so easy to apply just need a couple of sweeps over the skin witha fluffy brush. You can build up a better glow by tapping them on with your finger. There is a touch of sparkle in both highlighters but they’re not overloaded with them. I didn’t notice these shades sticking to dry patches or skin texture which can often happen with highlighters.

Obviously Misfit Love tinted my skin and could be seen but for darker skin tones this should give you a gorgeous glow without casting that colour. I’m loving Misfit on my lid or inner corner highlight. Moonlight is absolutely perfect for my skin tone. It doesn’t cast a tint and you can only see it in the light. I could literally wear this all over my body but it is my go to for my daily highlight.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with both highlighters despite only being able to wear one as a highlighter. The packaging is perfectly coloured and embossed to match the rest of the collection but I do find the box to be a little bulky for storage. Both highlighter apply easily and add a natural, soft glow to the skin. Nothing to blinding but it doesn’t highlight dry or textured skin either which is rare. Although Misfit Love is too dark for my skin, it looks amazing on the eye and will look great on those with darker complexions. Moonlight, Mischief and Madness looks invisible on my skin until the light and this has become a favourite for through the day.

Moonlight used

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Misfit used

Rach xx

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