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Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Scented Candle Review

Hi lovelies,

We’re trying to expand our content and start posting more lifestyle posts. Fun fact: I absolutely adore scented candles; can’t get enough of them. Even thinking of making my own. If that would interest you let me know in the comments.

I purchased this from the company website (see here) and it retails at £19.90 for 290grams. You get free UK delivery on orders over £30 and my order arrived within a week. I’d advise signing up for a membership with Rituals as you get a free gift with your first order and more depending how much you spend.

If you’ve been with RachNevsBeauty a while, you’ll know that we’ve had a lot of Rituals Cosmetics from Glossybox and we love them. Particularly The Ritual of Sakura collection which is cherry blossom. A warning here….Rituals fragrances are POWERFUL. The scent will fill a big room so be sure to do your research. I’d recommend a smell before you buy. Each collection has a scented candle so you have a bit of choice.

The Rituals of Sakura Collection is centered around rice milk and cherry blossom (the Sakura tree is the Japanese Cherry tree). The rice milk is null and void in the candle (apart from what it symbolises) but its great in the skin care products. The cherry blossom is the main feature here with its relaxing fragrance. According to the website, this should burn for 50 hours.

The candle comes in a beautifully crafted box. When you remove the top, the bottom half unfolds to reveal your candle in its glass holder. There’s loads of additional information about why Cherry Blossom is so important in Japan and it’s properties. The candle is quite big (bigger than I expected tbh) and the holder has some weight to it. It’s also got a quote on the back.

The candle smells amazing. As soon as I took it out of the box, there was this gentle cherry fragrance. It didn’t take over the room but I did notice it immediately. When lit, the scent filled the room, well it sort of took over the entire upstairs of the house if I’m honest but it wasn’t overpowering. The fragrance lingers for hours after the candle has been extinguished and it really does relax you. It burns nice and evenly with a bright flame. It does spit and crackle a bit at first but that stos after a minute. 6 months later this candle still smells as good as the first day I opened it and I’m pretty sure I’ve had this lit more than 50 hours too.

Overall, I am so happy with this candle from Rituals and I’m sure it would make a great gift for someone who loves candles. £20 is a lot to pay for a candle but I find this is so worth it. Aside from packaging, the candle has a wonderful scent that permeates the entire floor of my house without being overpowering. It burns steady and even with little flickering.

Thanks for reading. Have any Rituals candle…send us your images and reviews for a social media feature. Don’t forget to hit that like or leave us a comment. Maybe even join our email list if you loved it.

Rach xx

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