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Glossybox UK January Subscription Box Review 2021

Hi lovelies,

I would usually say it’s the start of a fresh month when your Glossybox arrives. This month its more ending a crap month on a high note. I think delays this time were due to a product shipment being held up (not really surprising).

If you’re a regular reading, you can ship this paragraph as it’s all about the plans. Glossybox subscriptions are available to buy in 2 ways. You can choose to pay upfront or a monthly direct debit. Pay upfront options are perfect as gifts with options for 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. Monthly payments are for monthly rolling plans and also 12 months. You save money when you sign up for longer plans with the rolling plan costing £13.25 and the 12 month costing £11.75.

This months box contains 6 products, all focused on natural, refreshing, and gentle skin care. There are 5 full size products and one deluxe mini. There has been a product change in this one due to a shipment delay but it’s clearly not a replacement products because it’s pretty awesome and GB did communicate this to us.

The first product in the January Glossybox was the Mudmasky Serum Infused Eye Mask. This retails for £44 and has been formulated for sensitive skin. I started noticing improvements around my eyes after a few uses-lighter undereyes and less puffy and sunken. Be warned it doesn’t smell great-Japanese Matcha isn’t the best smell but it’s a super ingredient for skin care and there’s no added perfume.

The next product for me to try was the Daily Concepts Daily Reusable Rounds. Sorry Daily Concepts but I hated these. I’ve tried reusable cotton pads before and these were nothing like them. Essentially just 2 pieces of felt that leave lint all over your face. Kinda pointless if I’ve got to remove the makeup remover off my face, I can just wash it. The retail price is £6.80 and that’s ridiculously overpriced.

The third product in this months box Ecooking Moisturising Serum. This is the only deluxe mini and retails for £22.50 (full size is £45). So I really don’t like this one, not its consistency, smell or feel on the skin. It left a greasy film on my skin and didn’t feel very moisturising. I don’t think I’ll be using this again.

The fourth product that I tried was the Saint Luxe Beauty Clear Brow Gel. Fairly certain this will work great for people with brows, it worked on the tiny amount I have. It holds the hairs in place and the spoolie works well at separating brow hairs for a sleek or a full fluffy look. This retails for £16.

The penultimate product was the Beauty Pro Avocado Infused Sheet Mask. This retails for £4.95 which is pretty pricey for a mask but is enriched with superfoods. There is loads of serum in this mask and it left a lot on my skin that I had to wipe away. It did leave my skin feeling softer with no greasiness after.

The final product in this months box was the Your Sanitiser Hand Disinfectant Gel. Could have done with this 6 months ago but better late than never I guess. Yeah it’s hand gel-smells awful, drys your hands with regular use…no stickiness left behind though. At £2.72 it’s better than nothing.

Overall, it’s not the most exciting Glossybox I’ve had delivered but it’s got some great skincare items inside. Another long wait for this months box but I can forgive that as it was a product shipment delay. The majority of products I really like with only 1 that I’m not keen on and 1 which was absolutely terrible.

Thanks for reading. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this review and that you will join me for more in the future. Leave a like or let me know in the comments what you thought, maybe even join our mail list. Don’t forget, if you want to subscribe to GlossyBox UK use my refer a friend code by clicking here. There’s no extra cost but it could save us both pennies.

Rach xx

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