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P.Louise Makeup Academy Fresh Ink Cosmetic Paints Review-Black and White from Cancelled Collection

Hi lovelies,

So during Black Friday, I went a little bit nuts on the P.Louise website….not sorry about it but be warned there will be a few reviews dropping for them. Anywho, amongst my haul I had to try the paints from the latest collection. If you’ve missed my previous reviews on the P.Louise paints you can read the Acid Reign one here and the Crisp Finish here.

The Fresh Ink Cosmetic Paints are part of the Cancelled collection and are available from the P.Louise website (see here). You can purchase them individually at £18 each or as a bundle for £30 saving you £6. Standard UK delivery will cost £3. This one did take a week to dispatch and another week to arrive but considering Black Friday and the pandemic I’d say it was a pretty quick service.

The packaging is pretty unique for this collection with the paints coming in a tube designed to look straight off the press. It’s designed to highlight the toxic nature of social media especially in the beauty community and the impact that can have on individuals. The tube is well made and sturdy although quite light in weight. The brush and paint sit in a foam holder in the tube to keep them secure during delivery.

The Fresh Ink paints come in two shades; feedblack and rewhite. Love the names, I think they are perfect for this collection and tell you exactly what shades they are. Each paint comes with a flat brush and trust me you can’t have enough of these brushes for the bases and paints. They are perfect for cut creases and cleaning up the brows. I love that the brushes from the different collections have different designs so you’re not just getting the same brush each time.

The Fresh Ink paints have the same formula as the paints from previous collections. According to the website description, these have a thick, creamy, tearproof consistency that dries down in 60 seconds. The paints are versatile and can used in a variety of ways without needing to be set with shadow. Re-white is a bright and opaque white while Feedblack is a deep, matte black.

Honestly, I’m so glad that we now have black and white added to the paints shade range. Both shades have great pigment-bright white and dark black. The consistency of both shades are thick and creamy as promised-none of the issues I had with the Blank Canvas one. They do dry down pretty quickly but on my hooded eyes there’s a slight tackiness which makes my eyelid stick to my crease. Since watching a mmmMitchell live recently I’ve learnt using a base underneath can cause this to happen. It does dry without any tackiness when used alone with no base.

Despite that slight tackiness at times, the paints do not move once applied. No smudging, streaking or creasing which is impressive. What I love most though is that you can blend these out and together with relative ease. You do have to work fairly quickly before it dries especially if you apply a thin layer. Both look amazing and last hours on the waterline without transfer. Re-white is an amazing eyeshadow base as it really makes the colours pop. It’s perfect for doing cut creases but be sure to remove any eyeshadow from the area first as the colour mixes with the paint.

As with the rest of the P.Louise paints, these two can also be used to mix together new shades. By adding these two to my collection of 5, I have so many new colour options available to play with. They mix perfectly with the other 2 collections as well as each other. When it comes to removing any of them, I’ve found an oil based cleanser works best as it helps break down the product.

Overall, I’m really happy with both of the Fresh Ink paints. The packaging is way different to the other two releases but the formula is still the same. Thick, creamy and pigmented, they are long lasting, blendable and versatile. The white makes a perfect base and to enhance a cut crease and both make great eyeliner and face paint. I’ve also tried the black as a lipstick which worked great.

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Rach xx

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