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Barry M Cosmetics Neon Brights Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

Another one from the birthday pile (than you Les), it just took a while to receive it with the UK covid restrictions. Hopefully there’s a light at the end of the tunnel now but I’ll wait and see.

You can pick this up from the Barry M website (see here), Boots (see here) and Superdrug (see here). This retails for £7.99 but delivery costs may differ between companys. Shipping from Superdrug definitely takes the longest landing in about a week but Barry M and Boots will have it with you in a few days depending on the time of year.

The packaging is so cute and perfect. The neon sign on the front really gives you an idea of the colours inside. I love that this is made from sustainable card and is recyclable which is why there are is no mirror or magnet. Instructions on how to recycle your palette can be found here. There’s an elastic strap at the bottom to keep that cover closed. All product information can be found on the back of the palette.

This is a 9 pan palette with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. There are 6 matte shades and 3 shimmers in varying hues of the rainbow. The colour story is really bright and stands out in a crowd. The pans are a good size and seem to be a good depth too.

When doing the swatches, the shadows felt soft and buttery and swiped smoothly. The red and pinks looked more vibrant with a single layer than the cool toned shades. The shimmer shades have quite a subtle reflex to them but they are still pretty. The least subtle of the shimmers is Infared with its gold reflects although it’s still not blinding.

On the eye, the shadows perform reasonably well. They’re not as pigmented as I originally thought but they are buildable to create vibrant looks. You really need to pack them on to achieve great pigment but they are easy to blend and work well together. Naturally you do lose some pigment when blending but it’s not too bad. The shades Infared and Dreamer are definitely the most pigmented ones in the palette.

There is some kickback in the pan for all of the shades but barely any fallout under the eye. The shadows do have staying power, lasting over 8 hours without creasing. The pinks and reds did stain my eye a little but it wasn’t too bad and was gone within a day. Although the shadows didn’t irritate my eyes or skin, please be careful with the shade Infared as those reflects can transfer. Pretty sure I got some in my eye.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the Neon Brights palette from Barry M Cosmetics. I’m completely in love with the design on the front; it explains the colour story perfect. I love that this is like 98% recycleable, the only part that isn’t is the elastic strap which can be removed easily. Although the shadows look vibrant in the pan, they’re not amazingly pigmented. You do have to build these shadows to get that pigment. The shimmers are quite subtle with their reflects but I don’t mind this. There is some kickback in the pan but barely any fallout under the eye which is fantastic.

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Rach xx

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