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The Leeds Candle Company Candle and Wax Melts Review

Hi lovelies,

So it seems that the only lifestyle posts your gonna get from us here are candle posts. I hope you don’t mind. I found this company through Instagram during their launch and essentially wanted to support a small local business.

You can find the Leeds Candle Company through their Instagram and Facebook pages and this is where you place your orders. They produce vegan friendly, hand-poured scented candles and I believe wax melts will also be sold soon. There are a range of scents to choose from including natural woody and floral scents and a selection of sweets. I really wish I could have purchased some of the limited edition Christmas ones but they sold out too quick for me. The candles retail for £14 each plus shipping.

Naturally, I had to try the Bakewell Tart candle as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately they sold out so quickly since the candles are made in small batches and need 2 weeks to cure. There was also a slight delay due to a fragrance delivery but the owner told me of this straight away and kept me informed throughout. They also very kindly sent me some wax melt samples of their range so I could try out some new scents while I waited for my candle. I think I was only waiting 3 weeks from ordering to receiving my parcel and actually arrived 2 days after shipping.

The candle arrived in a standard delivery box full of packing peanuts to protect it during transit. I was surprised by the weight of it if I’m honest. You can tell everything is packaged with so much love and care. The candle comes in a gorgeous box complete with ribbon and wax seal which is then wrapped in gold paper. The candle itself sits in a glass jar that is very bottom heavy. There’s no chance of tipping this over. Been a local girl, the entire colour scheme and logo scream Leeds to me and I’m all for a brand actually repping their home city colours. You’ll find the owl everywhere in this city.

The attention to detail was even more impressive for the wax melts which arrived in a separate box the week before. Carefully wrapped in blue tissue complete with stickers and stamps of the company logo, the box was full with stars and a few bars. The owner has even, painstakingly written a list of scents on the inside lid of the box which I am so grateful for. There was also a handwritten Leeds Candle Company card in each box saying thanks. It’s all of these extra touches that make ordering from small businesses the best.

First up, the candle. I don’t know how this possible…it smells of Cherry Bakewell. Like, it’s not just cherry, you can smell the tart too. I could literally just sit there all day with my nose in it. Unlit, the scent is quite subtle but it is noticeable over time, especially if you sit close. When lit, the aroma permeates the entire floor of the house and is instantly noticeable going upstairs. Honestly, there’s something so satisfying and homey about this one. The candle itself is a good size and burns evenly. Be sure to keep the wick trimmed between uses as this stops a flickering flame but there’s very little soot/smoke produced.

I haven’t had the chance to try all of the wax melts scents yet which is a shame but you’d probably get bored of me describing them all. The first one I tried was Monkey Farts just because of the name if I’m honest. This one is very citrousy and was the over-riding aroma in the box. However, when melted the scent mellows into something light and refreshing. I haven’t actually got through all of this melt yet and it was melting for a several hours. So yeah, absolutely amazing-the box is probably gonna last me all year. Once again, massive thank you to Leeds Candle Company for sending me these melts as I think it’s the perfect way for finding candles online.

Overall, I am fricking ecstatic with my Cherry Bakewell Candle from Leeds Candle Company. I love being able to support a small, local business especially when the owner is so lovely. Everything was packaged beautifully with so much care and attention, tissue paper and stickers. These extra touches tell me all I need to know about the business. The candle is gorgeous; it has a good weight and burns clean with a solid flame. It really does smell of Cherry Bakewell and the aroma fills the room (and further with doors open) when lit. Worth every penny. The wax melts were an additional surprise that I am loving. Another high quality product that last hours and smell amazing.

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Rach xx

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