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Lottie London Glitter Switch Transforming Liquid Lipstick Review

Hi lovelies,

I think this is one of the last reviews for that bundle I got a few months ago. Now there are 2 collections for these lipsticks: one normal and one a collaboration with Thuy Le (a celebrity makeup artist). These have been featured quite heavily on my Instagram lately.

Both the Thuy Le collaboration and the standard lipsticks are available on the Lottie London website. You can also grab both from Look Fantastic (Thuy Le and Standard). The Glitter Switch lipsticks retail for £6.95 each and you get 3ml of product. There are 7 shades to choose from in total with 3 being part of the collaboration.

3 from the basic collection

The packaging is fairly standard for liquid lipsticks; a tube with a doe foot applicator. The doe foot design is thinner, more wandlike in comparison to other applicators but this is the same for all Lottie London lip products. I actually really like this applicator because I can see what I’m doing (always a bonus). The tube cap is a nice size and fits easily into the hand. There is a slight difference in design such as cap colour and font between the two collections.

2 from the Thuy Le

The website description describes this as a non-transferable lipstick that applies matte and finishes in glitter. I have to admit this is the first time I’ve seen specific application instructions for a lipstick. They are: apply a thin coat, leave to dry for a minute then press your lips together and BANG you have glitter. I’m getting major Ciate Glitter Flip vibes from them to be honest and can say these are probably a dupe for the original. As I’ve never tried the Ciate ones, drop your opinions on them below if you have.

The formula is quite thick and a little goes a long way. Applying too much will leave you with cracking and flaking lips so be sure use a thin layer. This is fairly typical of Lottie London lipsticks so I think it’s just their thicker formula. The formula doesn’t bother me as the lipsticks have amazing pigment and covers evenly with a thin layer. They are easy to apply, dry quickly and last hours. They’re not the most lightweight lipsticks in the world and they do dry your lips after several hours of wear.

In the tube, the lipstick looks really glittery but you can’t see it at all when applied until you press your lips together. The more you do, the more glitter appears. And they look so pretty. The glitter reflects are complimentary to the lipstick colours taking the shades to the next level. Various shades of gold in the nudes while the reds have pinks.

Overall, I am really happy with this purchase from Lottie London. The packaging is the standard for liquid lipsticks with the thin wand applicator that’s particular to this brand. The formula is pretty thick but it’s easy to apply and dries quickly. You only need to apply a thin layer otherwise it cracks and flakes off. The lipsticks all have great pigment with complimentary shades of glitter. This applies matte and dries matte with the glitter popping after pressing the lips together. They look so pretty.

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Rach xx

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