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Webster Wigs Review-2 Styles

Hi lovelies,

Had another splurge and decided to pick up some new wigs although from a UK company this time. Guess what…I forgot to take full product photos when I first got them and started playing so you’ll have to excuse the quality of some of the images.

I ordered 2 different styles from Webster Wigs having heard good things about the company. You can order from the company website (see here). I placed my order on Monday the 9th and received my order on Wednesday the 11th. Shipping did cost £11 but I don’t mind that for fast delivery. A note here that I bought these wigs in December 2019 when shipping was reliable. Yes it’s taken this long to get up the courage to style them.

The wigs arrived together in the same parcel which I am so happy about. They came in a padded envelop with each wig in its own drawstring bag. There was a paper ball within each wig to help the cap keep it’s shape and there was also a hairnet around each wig to keep the hair together. I love how they’re packaged because you can use the bags for storing your hair. There’s also a wig cap included along with instructions for care.

Inside the cap
How it turned up

The first one to catch my eye was in the style Karla-Mermaid Sunset and the second was Elle-Rainbow Sherbet. Both wigs cost £70 and have full invisible Swiss lace fronts. Karla has about 3inches of parting space across the full hairline while Elle only has 1-2inches. They also both have 150% density meaning that they are very full with lots of hair. They are made using a high quality synthetic fibre that can be heat styled up to 170°C. I haven’t tried restyling with heat tools yet mainly because I love the original style and I’m too scared. Both are 14inches in length when pulled straight with naturally contoured hairlines and a slight widows peak. 3 combs are sewn into the sides and back of the cap and a strap for a more secure fit.

Hairline close-up

The synthetic fibres are so soft and sleek without being overly shiny and synthetic looking. The hairline on both wigs are absolutely gorgeous, so fine and delicate, I really don’t think they need to be plucked thinner. The lace is almost invisible on my skin but you could change the shade as needed using makeup. I did need to trim the lace a lot around my ears to fully customise both these wigs to fit properly. I found the cap to be a snug but comfortable fit-a lot smaller than my one from Powderroom D but I have no issue with getting my hair under them. The caps do have some stretch to them and should fit most people. The wigs aren’t heavy to wear although it can get a little warm under it.

Karla out of the bag

Karla is styled into loose waves with the Mermaid Sunset colouring of purple, peach and bright pink. I love this ombre effect and the colours are beautifully blended and vibrant. Thankfully this colour is still available for this wig and other hairstyles as well but you will need to search for it. Karla needed a lot more work out of the bag than Elle although it’s still easy to brush through. She’s cut and lightly styled like the product image but she definitely needs some assistance in the hold department. That front wave required lots of clips, hairspray and mousse. Maybe not the best style to buy as a beginner as I had no clue what to do with this at first. It’s why it’s taken a year to get this review up. However, she wasn’t too difficult to style once I got the right equipment.

Colours of Karla

Elle is styled into loose beachy waves with the Rainbow Sherbet colouring of blue, pink and peach ombre with neon green highlights. I don’t think this colouring is available anymore which is such a shame because I really do love it. Thankfully I also love this style which IS still available in many other colours. It’s got plenty of volume, curl and bounce. She’s just so cute and colourful. For a beginner to wigs, it’s easy to brush, style and wear. Not going to lie, I’ve had so many compliments when wearing this wig and no-one clocked the unglued hairline. Always a good thing.

Elle straight outta the bag
Elle colours-She needs a wash!

Overall, I am over the moon with my purchases from Webster Wigs and I’ve already bought some more. They are so comfortable to wear as they have a snug fit that has some stretch. Both wigs are super soft, easy to brush and style. The wigs do come semi styled due to the cut and curl but Karla definitely needed more styling out of the bag. With Elle you can just comb her through, trim the lace and pop it on. It’s the perfect beginner wig.

Thanks for reading. Have any Webster Wigs…send us your images and recommendations for a social media feature. Don’t forget to hit that like, follow or leave us a comment. Maybe even join our email list if you loved it.

Rach x

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