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Webster Wigs Mystery Wig Bundle Review

Hi lovelies,

So I wasn’t originally going to review this order but as I was missing pictures in my last one (my bad) I thought I’d do it properly. Oh and this was a mystery wig bundle so I had no idea what was going to arrive.

The mystery bundles are only available at certain times but the Webster Wigs Instagram keeps you updated on any offers coming. Since they are a mystery the price is a little cheaper than usual and bundles save you even more. One mystery wig is £45, a 2 wig bundle is £80 and 3 is £120. Considering Webster Wigs lacefronts retail for between £55 and £70 this is quite the price drop. Shipping was just over £3 but my parcel arrived within 2 days of ordering.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit nervous about purchasing mystery wigs because I do prefer a particular length and style. However, I love that there are length preferences for purchasing them. I requested 2 short as there was no options left for the long ones; not that I minded too much. I prefer shorter wigs. If you are concerned about the styles you may receive, you can always email them after ordering with some preferences. They cannot guarantee that you will be sent your choices but at least the option is there.

Since I completely forgot to show you how they arrived and what they looked like in the last post, I’ll do it here. The wigs arrived in the same parcel but in individual drawstring bags which I keep for storage. There’s a paper wad in the cap to help keep its shape and the hair is wrapped neatly in a hairnet. I love that a pack of wig caps and a wig care leaflet was also sent in the parcel.

Another thing I forgot to mention in the last post was the lace. There’s plenty of additional lace at the front so you can always add to the hairline if you have the knowledge. Naturally, you will need to trim this before wear but remember not to trim too close to the hairline, it may fray the hair. Also the wig is more likely to lay flat against the forehead with a bit of additional lace at the front. If you want to read the full review of my other wigs see here and if you want styling tips check out my beginners guide here.

I was pleasantly surprised when my order landed as I probably wouldn’t have ordered either one for myself. The first one was the style Lily in Oil Slick and I fell in love with it immediately. The pictures online do not do the colour blend justice. I really struggled to identify the second one but I think I received the style Amber in Dusty Lavender. I wasn’t sure about this one at first but the more I consider it, the more I like it. Both of these wigs have a higher hair density than the previous ones I bought and you can feel the difference. These wigs retail for £65 each so you save a good amount if you’re willing to take the risk of a mystery wig.

Lily in Oil Slick
Amber in Dusty Lavender (I think)

Overall, I’m really happy with the mystery wig bundle from Webster Wigs. It’s definitely a risk ordering a mystery wig from a company that sells so many styles and colours but I often struggle to make a decision because I love so many. For this risk, you do save a good bit of money as I got 2 wigs for £80 and full price would be £120. You do get to choose your wig length preferences when placing your order which I think is a great idea. I received 2 wigs that I would never have chosen for myself but actually love, especially oil slick. Both wigs have a high hair density making them thick and full bodied. No complaints.

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Rach xx

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