Dramatique Boutique No More Nudes Palette and Lashes Review

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So, one thing to know about me is that I’m all about the empowerment of women, y’all can thank the Spice Girls for that. This in turn leads to wanting an end to the discrimination of sex workers because we can do what we want with our bodies. Since this is the first makeup brand funded ENTIRELY by sex work….you know I was on board.

Paige Nicholson (Petty Paige of Youtube, see here) founded Dramatique Boutique after being snubbed by brands following her decision to start an OnlyFans account. She invested the money made from there into this brand which is pushing for body positivity and inclusivity of all. Now that’s a brand I can get behind. Plus she’s a UK company that launched December 2020 with this collection.

The No More Nudes palette (see here) retails for £32. I also picked up some lashes in the style Shannon (see here) for £11. Both and all products are only available from the company website but they do ship worldwide. You get free UK shipping on orders over £50 and free US shipping over $70. Not going to lie it took nearly two weeks to dispatch due to private matters but they did refund my shipping costs. Customer services also responded to my email within 24 hours too. It only took 2 days to arrive after being dispatched.

The packaging is so beautiful. The unit carton is bright and eyecatcing showing the palette cover design and name on the front and all other information on the back. The palette is shaped like a nude torso which fits perfectly with the brand aesthetic and I fricking love it. The shape is actually pretty easy to hold and it.s not too heavy. The cover has a magnetic closure and a thin mirror the inside. I wish there was a better seam for the cover as the weight of the mirror just pulls it closed.

The palette is a 18 pan palette full of bright colours. You got the many colours of the rainbow plus a row of neutral shades for daily wear. There are 11 matte shadows, 4 shimmers (3 with reflects) and 3 duochrome glitters. The pans are a good size for dipping your brushes into and I love how the shade names are curled around the top of the pans. The shade names also encapsulate everything about this brand; naturally I think they’re perfect.

When doing the swatches, all the shadows felt soft and buttery apart from Social Blade. That one felt quite hard and took some work to get pigment out of it. Some of the lighter shades did need two layer to get that pigment to really pop. I was surprised at the texture of the glitters. They were pressed a lot lighter than I anticipated and felt like they had a gel base. They squished completely when I stuck my finger in them.

On the eye, the shadows perform well. They are extremely pigmented so take care when applying. I found them best used when I built up the pigment slowly while blending. The shimmers are easy to apply with a brush or finger and look stuning with their shine. The holographic glitters, although so pretty can be a little awkward to use. They’re easier to apply with a finger so there’s no neatness in application though they don’t fall off everywhere which is a plus. I also had a lot of trouble getting my lashes to stick to the glitter on my inner corner so yeah leave a gap.

There was some kickback in the pan for the majority of shades-minus the glitters but not that much fallout under the eye. The glitter went everywhere while trying to remove. I’d definitely advise removing the glitter with tape rather than a pad with remover on. That stuff hurts when it gets in your eye, nothing to be done about it….it’s the nature of glitter. The shades Miss Piggy and Cam Girl do stain the skin quite a bit even with my P.Louise primer. It doesn’t last longer than a day though and I had no other issues with this palette.

Almost forget, the lashes came in an outer box with the company name on the front. The lashes sit inside a diamond clamshell in the box and this is perfect for storing in your kit. The Shannon style are described on the website as a thick, fanned, lightweight rounded lash. They are 20mm long, faux mink and cruelty free.

The Shannon lashes are bloody huge. Not quite tickling the brows but they’re not far away. The lashes are thick and fluffy, definitely rounded with soft fibres and a sturdy band. The band is reasonably thin for such a big lash. Like most new lashes, they did need some trimming and quite a bit of shaping before application. Once done they were fairly easy to apply and weren’t heavy to wear surprisingly.

Shannon Lashes
Shannon Lashes

Overall, I am so, so happy with my purchase from Dramatique Boutique. I love to find UK indie brands and everything this company stands for everything I do. A few delays with dispatch but customer service was great and my order arrived within a few days of being shipped. The packaging is bright, eye-catching and empowering while being easy to handle an not too heavy. I think the mirror is fairly pointless though. The shadows are amazing; pigmented, easy to blend and work well together. The glitters are pretty but tricky to apply and hard to remove. The lashes are thick, fluffy and fairly easy to apply when prepped. They are pretty lightweight to wear too for something so big.

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Rach xx

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